Celestial Rift Stream Notes

Oh yes sorry… I got confused … I corrected post


High Hunter HP is so weird. Apparently Zephon does a lot of drugs


Thank you!

I may reconsider getting Zephon. Venus seems to have better stats.

Thanks. What’s the music track? You always play something I’ve never discovered …

A remix of ‘A place of my head’ Linkin Park :call_me_hand:t2:

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This thread is just for pre-release notes; once stuff is out, PG’s historically (when remembered :rofl:) asked for stuff to go in the applicable thread :slight_smile: (easier for them to monitor then too):


Ohhh ok sorry

AI don’t know why 5 hummer cost a draconic chest, its a bulf atleast put 50,

Have you heard of dilution?


It’s purposely included so that chest drops are balanced. If they include 50 for every single epic drop, some people would end up with tens of thousands. That’s not quite balanced. Furthermore, the drops of draconic chests are already quite insane for their cost, no need for any buffs.

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I disagree. Defending is a main part of this game and the two biggest parts of that is ss and hammers. We are encouraged to defend ourselves and our teammates so the rss for that should be plentiful. No one should ever need to forge hammers. People should have tens of thousands of something they can actually use instead of having hundreds or even millions of something that is useless.

I literally have tens of thousands of hammers and there is nothing unbalanced about it. It’s not like there is a stacking bonus to the healing based on the number you have and it’s not like the number speeds up how fast you can use them. You cant make it rain hammers and throw 20 at once (gods I wish you could). For what these chests cost 5 hammers is too few

The drops in the chests arent that insane, they’re full of quite a bit of filler just like the other chests and have things they’re good for and poor for


Hammers, Healing pots, Defense shields, Attack Swords, Base boosting utilities (shield and sword) are all resources that should be available to players without opening chests. I would prefer them to be unlimited.

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You can also forge them, and they drop when boats and monuments are destroyed in attacks.

Does not mean people don’t run out of them


i have a confession to make

i used to forge healing potions when i was a little bitter tiny munchie :pleading_face:
and hammers when wars were a thing and when i didnt have enough hoarded chests to open for goodies.

we have gone thru hard times…


ftfy :crazy_face:

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How many keys will be in the tower branch

Agree the rest but think about this one, if it would be unlimited, than PG needs to remove them and boost all the bases by default

No official information but i guess there will most probably be a full tower branch which contains 6 keys, yet we still can have a 15k orrery line that contains 2

Thank you

Anyone notice wave 2 of this season? Tell me the invoker doesn’t seem like another Dross ? I see a disable spell as well as damage spell