Celestial Rift Wave 1 - Official Discussion Thread


In game auf der Demo video von xul steht legendär feuer jäger. Das ist doch falsch. Sollte mythic stehen! Auf der 0:53 min.

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I already informed the video team about the Mistake on Xul - but no worries, it’s a mythic


It’s 12s. I’d forgotten that we’d made a last sec change to that.


First impression flying Sora is that it’s a decent dragon. Slightly under power and will struggle with defenders but better than Danav.

As far as changes go the only thing I would already ask for is a graphic change to the spells. It’s a little difficult for me, at least initially to quickly see a difference and decide what to click.

Side note: haven’t found a purpose for furious charge yet.


… can yall change it back? 12s is hella long. At the very least it could restore some rage too


I think we changed it for a reason!

lame reasons *pout*


That’s not sayin much lol


First flights, non defended base :raised_hands:t2:


Crazy​:joy::joy::clap::clap: soo quickly.


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Imagine how one could deal with defenders with it having cloaking limitations

Edit: I know Xul has a freeze which can help but I’m not sure how that’ll help on a Long Island with range towers.

I guess the only two uses for Sora’s blue spell is to move faster around corners/speed up to an islands defense or to fly over a challenging island. but what use is a mythic that cannot defeat an island and needs to fly over it? and in the video above they never used the spell bc Sora needs to spend that extra time going around corners to gain rage since he has no net gain for rage (his switching spell gives back rage but it is net 0).

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It sure is an interesting concept better than Krelos being insanely and unfairly fast

But Krelos is a legendary and i see Krelos being a set up or clean up dragon. And krelos had sacrifice to gain back lots of rage. Sora is a mythic and with no net gain in rage, a poor heal, and a spell that doesn’t help the dragon’s kit…

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And Krelos hits below his tiers a lot

Ethera is meant to be a set up dragon but i see it failing at doing so. Even in the dragon’s description it says “it focuses on debuffing and disabling towers” and yet it has no spell like sand or freeze. So how exactly does it disable towers? If the buffed version of Frostbite sands or freezes towers then yes it would be able to disable towers. But it can’t. It is a really cool concept for a dragon (that has been reused from Rashka to Zel’noth and now to Ethera) and i like PG trying to adapt the spell set to fit a sorcerer but (no offense) you failed.

They’ve normally failed it’s the true nature of humans at trying something new just saying

Why is it not possible to change the places of the spells… ?? When i fly with a dragon, who has 4 spells, than i can sort theese below in which requence i use them


That requires way too much work on PG’s end to do lol