Celestial Rift Wave 2 - Official Discussion Thread

Feel free to give your opinion about Magnus, Jjin and their portraits below.

By the way I can’t be the only one who thought that Magnus looked like the Councilwoman from Lilo and Stitch, can I? :sweat_smile:


When these strange likenesses happen I just can’t unsee them… :see_no_evil:

Disclaimer: this thread was originally posted in the Off-topic category, but @PGGalileo decided to make it official, which is why I’m the OP of this official discussion thread :sweat_smile: Don’t worry, it shouldn’t happen often, this was likely an exceptional situation.

So does that make me an “official im-poster”? :laughing:


Aw ok :pleading_face: but I’m not sorry! I love even lame puns…


I thought he looked like that Kaminoan from Clone Wars
Nice to have an alien rider tho, better looks when they invade and start playing WD


Jinn is an extremely “my” styled dragon

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Oh now I see the uncanniness with Magnus and High Council Women :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

Jjin looks like a dog with the head covered by a tissue or handkerchief too. But I’ll admit I like the style too (so far in 2D).

A very malicious dog, but still, it looks cool.


Magnus is strange looking, I was expecting a more demonic rider to contrast Zephon’s seraphic look. Instead he seems more like he fits with the Eclipse season. Reminds me of a cross between an alien and Dhalsim from Street Fighter. Not really impressed with either of them so I guess it’ll depend on if they have anything special in their lines like Omiros had the timers.

For once I was actually hoping the 2nd rider would have been a defensive rider with a comparable construction skill to Sola. Magnus seems to basically just be Zephon if you went for max atk but with 2 extra class options. If he was going to contrast Zephon then he could have been more demonic and specilized in high atk

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:joy::joy:hoping the animations would be cool…

Magnus is an alien giraffe-panda who plotted with Thanus [sic] (because I still hate him) to gather the 5 Infinity Shards and create the Infinity Pan! :exploding_head:

I don’t know, from the Councilwoman to that guy, there’s just a step. Magnus does look dried up… Aka alien Voldemort too, but I digress.


I also get a bit of a Sovereign vibe from the face and posture


True, he does. Still looks ill, so seems fitting for the demonic side, like a dark wizard compared to wizened hermit Zephon.

I find that he kind of looks like a flying skullcrawler, especially with the ridged and pointed upper jaw

Will jjin be shard or no?

Nope… Fully 37.5k sigil wave 2 dragon…probably
As ThInGs ArE SuBjEcTeD To ChAnGe

Full dragon line as per slide 4 of the celestial rift deck.

The festive line is later on in the season and we do not have much information about that yet. Maybe in the upcoming wave 2 deck that will get a rough outline provided… we can hope.

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It costs 18.5k sigils and comes out week 9, drac chests will be capped at 600 just like last season

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Took a bit but I found it. No change to Drac chests. Didn’t want to quote something I had no evidence for.


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They should modify the mention “will introduce season keys” to something more accurate, like “involves season keys”. :thinking:
Introduce suggests that is a new thing, but it hasn’t been new since Spring 2019, two years ago.

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It’s official now! Thanks, Kardul!


Where is the official info?

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