Celestial Rift Week Seven - Fortification

Credits, News & Questions

Credits: Ghost

News: I think CO branch is coming this week

Questions: What level are you getting to?


I will be going to level 435. I am still undetermined whether or not I will go past that (I’m not too far from 435; currently level 430, but these levels take too many of my timers, so I won’t even try to go too high).

Do we get a bonus for predicting a level and reaching it? I’m shooting for 84

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It’s week 7 for fort lol

418, 8.5 million points

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Fixed it for OP… figured they wouldn’t mind.


Normally I refuse to go over 11M since the 16 mill prizes are crap but I’d like to max my Orrery now before the new levels come out next fort. Im hoping the Orrery line that comes out is the 37k tower line that they added charges to.


Going up to 506 for 16M! The prize sucks, but being able to hatch Arcanum next breed will be glorious!

Side note I need more lines! I have the sigils, just need something to spend them on to get Xul… :sob: Course I’m sure Reginald will find something else for me to spend all my sigils on…


Spending all 7 of my 1 hour tinners and getting to level 954 but my math could be wrong.

how tf do so many ppl in these posts have like 10k 12hr timers, someone wanna make a post on where exactly all these timers come from cuz 7 may be off but it’s actually closer to that than 10k 12 hr timers


No one actually has that many timers that has posted here. Although someone has 5K days

Anyways odds are they don’t use all their timers and get a good few from chests, atlas, season lines etc.

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10k 12 hr timers = 5k days…

These posts, every time a building event comes there’s lots of people with this many timers.

I kinda figured this much thx tho… didn’t think there was a timer tree I missed but more would like a detailed breakdown from someone repeatedly getting this many timers between forts about how many timers they get from what exact sources

It’s not all 12hrs

I did the 600 draconics, opened 1200 golds and 10k bronze at the start of the season, always get the full tower line and never waste timers going over 11m points (except this week). That plus participating in atlas and managing rss :man_shrugging: :woman_shrugging:

non-discounted dragon lines dont interest me so basically what I go for is resources from seasonal lines. Base boost, discount, tower, maybe a rider, festive and draconics


That artwork :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: beady eyes.

Idk, maybe near 500s / 480s

Holy cheese can I have some?

It is not all 12h timers. A lot of it is 1h timers.

Really, it about knowing the lines and not using more than you need.

For example, this was my fort during week 3, so this included everything that I had gained from opening chests, getting the two discount lines, and the egg mission 125% boost. My plan in level and the timers I started with.

image image

I did open some chests (mainly bronze but about 120 gold) this event to finish out getting Xul. I got all of magnus with the 20% boost and the first key of Jinn’s boosted line. Here is my tentative plan for this fort.

image image

Do Atlas events, gives you lots of 1h timers. Get the tower line each season gives you lots of 12h timers. Don’t use them all in one fort and eventually you will be carrying them month to month. It also helps to open golds in pvp and draconics at the start of the season. Lots of timers to be had. Also, I craft nothing but 48h timers atm.


What’s the Colorado branch?


:arrow_up:THIS, exactly this :arrow_up:
write that down, crochet it on a pillow, tattoo it on your arm. Manage your rss and plan


Big range there lol

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I never do this


Thinking of opening up my chests (600 gold and 4000 bronze) and seeing how far I can level. My fear is that if I do that, I’ll probably just quit the game afterwards.

I know I’m whining, but after 18 months and level 400, about to hit a leveling wall when I’m already getting sick of the game, and still 150 levels away from being competitive in atlas … this is not a good combination for me.

I may stick it out until the end of the season, but starting to think the end is near. I know I need to stick it out until the season ends and I can get another weak balanced mythic …

I especially love how Magnus’s left calf is the same size as his right hand. #artistoftheyear