Celestial Rift Week Six - Crystal Caves

Credits, News & Questions

Credits: https://twitter.com/pqhiggins

News: Magnus and Jjin are coming this week.

Question: What’s stopping you from quitting the game?


The fun of learning drags like xul

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Oh, I like that poster as inspired by “The Cave”, an action/horror film from 2005.

That’s a hard one! The game would glitch here & there, apparently, and could be boring sometimes & very expensive & time consuming, etc etc., but there’s just something about this game that makes me want to come back again, tho I tried to quit several times. Maybe I like the idea of flying with dragons & finding an escape from RL dramas & stress from time to time. I also like the idea of breeding new dragons & training them & watch them grow into badasses that kill & burn! I dunno! I just like it! Periodt! I try! Lolss

I want a crystal custom emoji. :iceshard:( ‘-’ :iceshard: )


I am still enjoying. I am not yet at end tier and now getting mythics so plenty to strive for. While I do get bored occasionally or uninterested between events (atlas is fun but non pirate is meh when searching). I still come back for the event grind and to engage with the awesomeness of the team I am on.

Also watching and helping new players gives me joy.

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Frankly, I don’t know what’s keeping me here. I guess I’m just here. I don’t entirely hate the game. I guess that if I had to select one thing over all of the others, it would be that I fell behind one time due to forgetting my login info and rage-quitting, when I could be endgame right now, and I have a strong will to catch back up with the swift pace at which things are being released. Other than that, I guess I just stay because unlike others, I quite enjoy the game. That may be appalling for some to read, and expected from others, but we all have our opinions on things. I do also have friends in the game, some of whom would rather refrain from installing Line or another chatting application. I stay for them as well.


Any news on suggested changes to the event that have been taken on board?

Or are we waiting until event is live to see if anything has changed?

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I am still enjoying flying the dragons, helping people, fighting in Atlas when I have time, and just generally looking forward to new things.
I am finally nearing end game dragon wise, which I hear might become boring, but now I have the challenge of learning how to fly against larger bases not just 2 max island ones. I look forward to the challenge.


@PGGalileo will we be getting any information on how crystal caves will work this time around before event starts so we can start to get a game plan together for our teams?

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:face_with_hand_over_mouth: it’s a mystery still.

I’m excited about the new event, but the wave 2 looks very weak. Still sitting on a bunch of sigils to claim a useful line.

I haven’t spent all resources to kill as many jerks’ troops as possible yet :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
Me and bf are staying for each other, but if the time comes when he calls it quits, I’ll leave with him with absolutely no regrets :relieved: we met here and will always stay together.


Yay! So excited for Crystal Caves!

So much! I still enjoy the game, but the biggest impact has been the incredible people I’ve met from all over the world. Some of the friendships I’ve made will last even after we’re done playing, and my team is like a second family.


The rules were posted during their beta test. You can find them here.

You can also find a small update here.

You can use those to at least start your planning.


It’s still a ton of fun for me. I really enjoy the flying puzzles that are assault bases (if going for points). I still enjoy planning out my base and optimizing, and learning to fly new dragons like Xul. I also enjoy the people in my team, and all the social banter around it (doubly so in these lockdown times).

Sure the game has plenty flaws, but it also still has a lot of fun in it for me. Also I don’t care a ton about winning, which cuts down on a lot of the frustrations. Being involved with the GPF and with my website also helps keep things interesting when the game is slow.


Who is threatening you?
I admit it is fun to win, but a pain every other 112 times


This week I’m Bellyflopping around on VikingsDK

I enjoy playing this game, killing enemies in atlas, personal growth is something I enjoy. Chunk and Friends are also a big deal lol


Chunk style?


Hopefully they made some changes to the event after the test run. I am interested to see if the prizes are like KW/FP or like TG/TR or if it’ll have its own prize set.

I’ve begin to question this more and more each season. I do still enjoy the game but the last few seasons I havent been a huge fan of the mythics and that causes me to be rather unmotivated. On top of that the constant new tiers and tower levels coming out too fast just to give whales something to do which causes any end tier dragon to become obsolete quickly, hunter favoritism, the repetitiveness of events and seasons and the daily atlas problems… It’s starting to get old pretty quick.
My team is a big part of it, Ive met some amazing people that I enjoy playing with

It’s always frustrating to fail the first 20 times, but without that it wouldn’t be nearly as satisfying to finally nail that perfectly timed run where your underpowered dragon limps through with 1% health. Even if the resulting score still just puts you in 240th or so, I find it very satisfying to eventually succeed.


My team leader finding a replacement for me. :joy:

I am going to take a break for awhile. I’m just getting bored. PG really needs to come out with new events more often. Many games I’ve played with weekly events change them up waaaaay more often than PG does. Doing the same events over and over and over for years is crazy.

I wasn’t thrilled with the first run of Crystal Caves so I’m hoping they made some changes.



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