Celestial Rift Week Three - Fortification

Credits, News & Questions

Credits: https://twitter.com/pqhiggins

News: The 50% discount ends tomorrow.


What level will you be getting to?

I’ll be going from 232 to 270, and getting 3.3M points.

What’s your favorite food?

Either pasta or pizza.


565 to 572 for meeee, just over 16M points

Tough to pick a fav food, I love a lot of stuff!


520 to like 530 something :partying_face:

Ham and pineapple pizza or Paniki

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I’m becoming a big boy so 400 :partying_face: and 11M points

Pasta on Pizza?

578 to 583 here, it’s shocking how little 2500 days of timers will buy at a certain level :joy:

Pineapple pizza ftw (hi @FieryxFury)! But then you can’t really go wrong with any pasta or pizza…


I like Biscuit. :yum: :cookie:



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Going to 543

Pizza, the most perfect food ever created


Getting to 56 is enough for me lol

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I am going from 507 to 514, roughly. Whatever 11M points gets me.

Food: love pizza, but gotta give the nod to the burrito!

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Poutine or sushi(with those raw disinfected fish you dip in soy sauce), both are good
Also love tacos and roasted brussels sprouts

Sharing is caring I is poor @ 4K days :pleading_face::pleading_face:


They’re mine, all mine. No touchy my timers


I can hear the sound of that cat in the first gif in my head :joy::joy: Saw the original vid and damn, it’s heartbreaking

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lol, so dramatic :joy: :joy: :joy:

Id be making the exact same sounds though if someone tried to take my timers :hocho:


I don’t have any “direct” or “official” plans in store for the next event, but I do know I will try to reach level 435 (currently level 414) since I am going to be finishing Orthoptar (my first Abyssal dragon) next breeding. I do not have a specific point goal either (yes, I used the fort planner, but I am not sure if I will finish it). Timers, as always, will be the impediment—the limiting factor. I don’t have enough; then again, I never do. I fell behind last fort due to an insufficiency of timers; I have much more to catch up on now that I have jumped so far ahead of myself, so… that’ll be fun.

Can I make a list? :sweat_smile:

  1. Pizza
  2. Cheese dip/nachos
  3. Anything Mexican
  4. Anything Chinese

I also like various fruits (strawberries and kiwis especially).

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512 for 11M points.
Favorite food: Sushi

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507 to 511

favorite food: everything can pass trough my throat :slight_smile:


:100: :rofl:

Fun fact: My kitty woke up when she heard the audio on that video, poor thing, she’s so confused :joy::sweat_smile:


Fav food: indian

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