Celestial Super Value Branch Analysis

The Celestial Super Value Branch is a new kind of branch, so I thought I’d try and do an analysis for it too.

It has the same cost structure of an exotic rune branch, but it has 25k eggs or 100 days of timers instead of an exotic rune, as well as elite gear and a mythic glyph. You can find the exact contents on the season sheet here.


  • Prize 1 The timers are poor value here, but the egg tokens are ok. Nothing spectacular, and notably more expensive than grinding 1h missions, but also more convenient. Ok to get if you need tokens.
  • Prize 2 Both rune dust and energy packs are decent value, if again nothing special. Could be worth getting if you need both packs/dust and the egg tokens from prize 1.
  • Prize 3 Slightly worse value than the prize before. Probably not worth getting for the prize itself, but not terrible to pick up on the way to a later prize.
  • Prize 4 Only remotely interesting for anyone without atlas, and even then not worth working your way here unless you happen to really need all the things on the way here too.
  • Prize 5 For most people effectively a 2500 sigil glyph, because Prize 4 has no value to them. These are decent glyphs for warrior and sorcerer, but in my book not worth 2500 sigils.
  • Prize 6-8 All ok value, but not spectacular, and having to get past the overpriced glyph first makes them pretty uninteresting.
  • Prize 9 See prize 4.
  • Prize 10 On it’s own this one is decent value for the timers, and quite good for the tokens (if still not spectacular). But considering the cost on the way with the dud nodes 4 and 9, it’s not really worth getting.


  • Is this worth skipping on draconic chests for? No, probably not. Maybe the first node tokens if you’re short right now.
  • Is this better than finish the timer branch? Same answer.
  • Is this better than getting other branch X? Possibly, you’ll have to compare the prizes yourself using the season sheet.
  • Is this better than getting the repeatable gold chests on the mythic lines? Yes, absolutely.
  • What are the stats on the runes? They max at 5% HP and 5.4% rage, you can find the exact runes here: Hunter - Sorcerer - Warrior

Would be good to put glyph stats in the analysis please :pray:


Good idea, added them in the FAQ


Thanks !

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Thank you for the analysis! :purple_heart::pray:t2:

Awesome work as always morrien

You the community pillar! Thank you for crunching the numbers that I glanced at and was like… meh… too much work for marginal value.

I skipped this branch altogether. I wonder how many of us were hoping it’d be an Exotic Glyph and saved up to see?


Respect for your work :+1::clap:

You are awesome lol…thank you

Thanks very much! Always very helpful :beers:

Awesome analysis as always mate

Man, they really did not try to entice sigils out of us with these temp lines this season. Well, maybe the ammo glyph for some people but that’s about it. Need to start offering exotic dragon runes because I am done with ones for towers

The rune are a wasted

Thank you for your hard work, I appreciate your contributions to the community. :grin:

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