Central building target settings

Hey PG

I guess this was due to the way you wanted dragons to target the final orb on the dungeon but I believe you also changed the way Sorcerers can target the final central building on a base.
It used to be on the base of the building and now its only at the top of the castle.
This created a big issue for sorcerers as they now take several seconds more to kill a base than warriors or hunters and this has a huge impact on Atlas…
Please consider reverting back to the previous targeting method for sorcerers on the final building as this is not fair for players who invested in sorcerers and it will soon create a 'no sorcerers on Atlas"rule…thus damaging the balance between dragon types and player preferences. .


always nice to know I’m not going crazy lol

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I’m not even gonna…


Quit the attack at 99% (same benefits as 100%, but faster and doesn’t matter if it’s socr, hunter or warrior)

(or invoker :persevere:)

I always finish with AoE like Ragnarok, I noticed the target change, however does not influence the time I need.

It is annoying thats for sure and he’s correct in saying Sorcerers are having issues killing castle unless you hit correct spot which is taking added time most of us don’t have and these are already boring and time consuming please fix .

This is still an issue, and parallel with not targeting boats/monuments in Atlas, but I believe auto-target spells have had their range reduced as well.

I have been seriously testing this (to my own eyes, not scientifically). Sorc lock on range, somnus Soul Barrage/seeker shots, even spell flux seem to take longer to fire. It’s most notable on Somnus, but a dragon like Shezard who has all 3 seems to be limited by this.

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