CF Flying the Winter mythics

Since the Creator’s Faction got the new winter dragons to fly for a week to show off, could we possibly get a compiled list of each of their social media channels to check so that we can actually see them do it? I know of a few youtube channels like Skyline and RPW, Kickinbahk’s Twitch channel and I know Shadowsofbirds’ Instagram and Mobcrush channel but I’ve never actually seen any kind of a list of all of their social media?




I’d rather push PG to do what they did with Namaka… that was fun


That would be nice but I dont see that happening and they’ve said no to it a few times. Personally I think the first 4 pvps of a season they should swap the water dragon with one of the mythics.

At least getting to see people flying them early is helpful. We just need to be able to find the videos. Im currently watching Kick’s stream from earlier today of him flying them


The Grind

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Not gonna happen. The only reason it happened with Namaka’s season is because it was the introduction of the new class.

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I don’t think such a list actually exists, but it should.


I could easily see it on the WD blog. Would be nice to see the CF better announced by pg

We feature a CF channel every Friday (or Sunday some weeks) on our social channels. We can work on putting together a list and posting it here sometime this week.


I have a Facebook page in Italian and a YouTube channel where I put some flight tests with dragons (unfortunately this week I was very busy so I tried very little)

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That would be great so that everyone can check out the work that they do towards promoting the game. I’ve seen a few videos of them flying the new mythics which has helped towards making up my mind about what I might do this season. I think letting them test fly them for us to see was a good idea

I have Dragon Buddy (line ID @726efqij or added through this link and my Instagram WarDragons_FlamingStarr. I plan to make a YouTube soon and I’ll update here when I do so.


your buddy is great :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

on topic: i d love to see a list of all content


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