Challenge to PG


Must have a cup of water and be recorded and must watch video the only way you lose the challenge is you spit the water out by laughing when you watch this video. do you PG members accept?


So, you want a six minute video of me sipping water while looking blasé?


No have water in your mouth while watching the video and trying to hold the water in your mouth


Be better with beer… no wait… beer dosent last as long


It’s the water challenge of trying to hold the water in without laughing


I don’t drink beer or else maybe I’d do that.

So, big sip and then 6 minutes of silence? Got it. Maybe I’ll do that this weekend while I’m cat-sitting.


This is similar to the challenge I’m asking to be done


Maybe I am just an old fart but I didn’t laugh, I varied from feeling bad for the animals and feeling bad for the poor (woman?) that had her face driven into the road by one of the rams.


How could you not laugh at the ram hitting bike


I don’t know, I guess I was focussed on the animal clearly feeling threatened/challenged? Does it matter that I’m at work and have the sound off? If there’s funny commentary (like Tosh.O) I might not have made it…


Yeah there is it’s Tony Baker a comedian


Ah, I saw the watermark on the video but didn’t know there was commentary. Clearly I cheated then. I will try again later even though I still think some of it’s disturbing. The dude kicking one of them will probably get me to laugh…


I watched it, those videos never make me laugh, they’re just people getting hurt. There’s really nothing funny to it.


This is anything but funny. Dont know why you keep posting videos like this :man_shrugging:t2:


How about this video

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