Champion Rider Branch possible prize problem

@PGCarlos Are some of the prizes - ex. prize 14, 35, 44, 58, 65 - suppose to be platinum/draconic chests and not gold?

The 9 gold options seem correct; the 4 gold should probably be platinum and the 6 gold should probably be draconic.

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Edit: Nvm, I misunderstood what you were asking

Total garbage prizes from that branch. No draconics, no platinums. I opened up to the second to last key and earned 77 gold chests. Seriously, this game just has no dependability. I save sigils for this branch because i love the chests… nope Pickle777… we don’t do those chests no more. It is a garbage branch without the chests. Can I get a refund on that branch please. Super bummed.

The number of gold chests it seems is nerfed too.


Yep this line is shit now. Just like the oculus line. The only decent line left is now the electrum line, no idea what they expect us to do with sigils.


This is a ridiculously bad change with no heads up. Saved sigils to use on this line instead of archmage branch which will cost me 43 gold chests among the other 20% bonus missed.


Not really sure why you’d even pass up the archmage line for the champion rider line. Archmage is just better all around for chests, timers, embers and electrums.

it is annoying though to see them repeatedly devaluing lines


This is probably a lack of proofreading - just makes no sense to have the same number of chests but keeping them all gold.

Not sure how PG can fix it at this point.

I’m at a loss for words. Economy team at work again I presume.

From my perspective, pushing for ascension tokens is only viable if the prizes along the way make it worth it. Just because the data says I can afford to do it, doesn’t mean I’ll buy into just anything that’s put out. Geez.


I have plenty of timers, electrum, etc. so maximize for chests to start the next season (sigils, pvp rss, etc.)

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The real question is why are any of us still playing when they continue to do things like this?


Preach it! :fist:t3:

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Check my math but I have screen shots before the event and after opening the entire branch… total gold chests from this branch 93. Terrible. BUT they gave me some crafting scrolls that no one who plays atlas has any use for… FYI I have 1.9 million crafting scrolls I am willing to trade back to you PG for their sigil equivalency. Just saying…


Is there another discussion thread about this issue. I too started a thread on this and it got closed down.

How is 92 Gold chests at a 20% prize bump even called a branch?

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If you went chest from a branch electrum is the way to go for the past several seasons

Yikes- anyone else worried about the festive line?

Teams and players are vanishing faster than ever and PGs answer is to increase costs and devalue players time.


This line was traditionally a good one to grab for RSS to burn up excess sigils.

I think people that get their mythic and the festive line and now scratching their heads to see what other line(s) they should get.

And we can’t see one. So that means less spend because we don’t need the sigils or less engagement with the product to earn sigils. ( which means spending more time with other games )

Both are bad for PG.

The basic law of supply and demand is that the market moves to meet equilibrium. We are now in a strange spot where sigil supply exceeds our demand to spend them.

I look at this line and its a hard pass no line now.


Im waiting for PG to tell us that they are experiencing a shortage on plat and drac chest supplies. Sorry everyone, cant get shipments on these digital things so we have to replace them in the lines :upside_down_face:

Watch costs go up next season though


Moderators close duplicate threads to keep everything in one place. So yes, there was another thread (your thread) that was closed since this one was already open.