Champion rider or bluff

I had completed first line of champion rider but not able to hire rider as message is coming you don’t have enough blue shred. If any thing like this is there then developer should inform.

Offensive champion riders coming from atlas like Sophia and Anja use atlas shards and glory to hire and get to level 50. You only use their new specific rider shards to level them from 50 to 60.
Technically it does tell you in the rider tab what you need to hire her which is 500 blue rider shards, not Anja shards. But yes, they should be more clear about it and there should be a disclaimer on the branch information about it.


Can see why this is confusing. Too many different currencies on the go.

Need blue rider shards then glory and red rider shars to level to 50 then new special shards to get to 60.

Hope they simplify the system and cull most the rider tokens.