Champion Rider portraits

So, I’ve realised that riders get resurrected as champion ones that go up to level 60 instead of 50. The champion rider branch normally gives you the 3’rd tier background portrait. But I was wondering if you already have that portrait do you get the animated? If not I think this would be really cool to give players a chance to get animated portraits they missed out on

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It does not give the animated portrait, and I think it shouldnt. Keep those as legacy items for older players who got them originally.


I would be so upset if they brought back the animated portraits as I worked hard to get them back in the days. I’m disappointed they even brought back the tier 3 background ones since u need to claim mythic gear for them but pg decided to be able to get them with sigils what makes them not very special any more.

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Personally I dont think they should bring any of the portraits back. Portraits should remain exclusive to when they came out. No one is getting an advantage in having a portrait that someone else doesn’t so it would be nice if something remained exclusive for people who’ve put in the time and stayed with the game. Instead of portraits how about adding some actual prizes into the rider line so it isn’t so terrible. Because as it is it’s not worth 39k sigils.


I’m not against anything including the case of PG’s releasing a new $99 value pack that gives 35k rubies and old dragon/rider portraits including t4s as they don’t really change any gameplays.

I’ve always wanted cosmetics that doesn’t affect any gameplays to be offered through store so that we can just buy them straight off without any RNG.

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