Champion Rider Suggestion

Could we add an additional prize box for this branch? I was hoping to see an additional box where you could continue to get 50 shards. This could be used to get and level up an additional rider.

It could be treated like the final box with other lines, where someone could use extra sigils to get an indefinite number of the item in the prize box, like golden chests.

I was more hyped for the egg tokens, and prefer a repeatable egg token node

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I was kinda hoping for more elemental embers…

How about a sizable amount of gear crafting shards (choice of any element) for those who either arent as active in atlas, dont have atlas or may just really need a specific element of shards at a given time?
The rider line payout is really very laughable (not in a good way) compared to what is needed. They made it so non-atlas players can forge gear but they didnt make a way to actually obtain a decent amount of shards for that gear.