Champions Rider – Frozen Chaos – Wave 2

Meet the new champion riders of the Frozen Chaos season :partying_face:

Terris: Druid of Flames – Veteran Rider of the Springveil season 2018 :cherry_blossom:

Nal: Kharnxy’s enforcer – Veteran Rider of the Summerflare Season 2018 :beach_umbrella:

Oksana: The Dread Hunter – Veteran Rider of Springveil season 2018 :cherry_blossom: and first community created Rider

Small trailer:

Some more information – Skill tables from @MiinaNiina:

(Skills are subject to change)

Let us know what you think about the selection of riders and maybe what you guess what their champions riders abilities could be.:smile:


Im surprised they brought back Terris since she was a “mythic/veteran” rider


I thought the same - but I’m looking forward to see their skill trees :partying_face:


Yeah I was about to say, will Terris be stronger than the others or nah :thinking:

Some more information from @MiinaNiina :partying_face:
This are all information we have at this point. We will try to add a visual skill tree asap

skill stats are subject to change

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Aw pity, I wasted my sigils on Oksana back in the day and was hoping for something nice. But even if she can get all of those skills she’s still worse than ancient rider Anja. Guess it’s just a chest line again for me.


Sometimes I wish the visuals also came with an overview. What I really wanna know is how much AP/HP, rage, ammo we get overall.

So like:

21% HP
12% AP
5% Rage
5% Dark Flak resist”

Or, at least organize all of the AP first and then HP so it’s easy to add up.

Also, if these are “champion” riders, not really sure dark flak resistances are really all that desired of an ability? (Genuinely asking; but, I’d personally not care for it.)

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In this case we aren’t able to give you this information because the visual of the skill trees are missing. And we can’t predict the skill tree and the links in the skill tree just because of the skill table :sweat_smile:

Like I told before we can’t give you all information, which we actually like to give you, BUT we will try to give you an overview over the possible skills and stats for each dragon class asap :see_no_evil:


Well that’s super disappointing, I was kind of looking forward to bringing Oksana back but Im hard passing on these turds. They brought Tanok back for atlas and made him the best general stat atlas rider. These 3 though just suck. No ammo, barely any rage and very weak stats that arent really on part with riders from 2 years ago. These are all worthless.

Very disappointing to see how little effort they’ve put into this season. It seemed like they were at least going to try to make the champion riders a bit relevant but nope. All seasons are anymore is a bunch of recycled dragons and riders that arent even slightly relevant for the meta they’re coming back for.

And why are they wasting skills on dark flak resist again? Nothing even has resists anymore and I certainly hope no one is training a rider for a lineage dragon that isn’t going to last them for 5 minutes.


I like to see oldschool-ish content again, but these riders are overall rather meh Stat-wise, right? I just finished a Hella long shift at work, so I can’t math today


Skill trees for all three riders :white_check_mark:


My layout looks a bit like pokemon :thinking: chose your starter - Fire, Water or grass :see_no_evil::joy:


They should fix riders to add the resist and not require the resist to be on the dragon for it to work, would make a lot of these more applicable in todays dragon world.

Also Oksana has +1 ammo, but still seems a bit lacking vs the current riders


Why does the hunter path on Oksana add +5% hp and +1 ammo whereas all the other classes miss out on both of these? Is this a mistake?

Because hunter ammo and hunter HP doesnt affect anything other than a hunter. So they’ll have those skills but it’s not going to do anything for warriors, sorcerers or invokers

Giving her a restricted hunter skill was a stupid move IMO just like it was with Tor. These riders were supposed to be generic riders that offered the same stats for any class while atlas riders gave class specific boosts. Now they’re going against that but still making them mediocre


Can the skill trees please look like this in game?

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Talamar it is then

Wouldn’t oksana be dark, Nal is ground, Terris is grass/bug?

Also what tier portrait will we get from the branch

Last season it was just the tier 2 portraits (tier 1 for Tor since he only had the 1 tier). Though Terris never had a portrait. There was the Arborius Knight but that was a different portrait than Terris so I guess it’ll be interesting to see what they do there

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I think this branch will be popular for the portraits.