Change conditions of summoning gold primach

Hello, I would like to propose something; Currently you can only summon a golden primach if you have a castle, but that limitation has not served any purpose, only to make matters worse, more and more castles are being abandoned and
They are conquered by teams without primach or guards in them, I think it is a very ugly image, and if you are looking for an alternative to the initial one? Gold Primach can only be summoned if teams have more than 10,000 guards and if it falls below that amount, the team will not be able to summon Gold Primach.
This measure would achieve the desired initial effect, and the desire to conquer castles and preserve them may be recovered.

This was happening long before gold prims came out though

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Yes, but perhaps this measure will help not to see so many abandoned castles and thus the teams are encouraged to conquer castles and maintain them, the question is to give a solution and I think this would be the correct one.

Easy work around…
First get said castle, load up to about 80k …
put nothing but trappers on said castle with about 3-5k each player…
Wait for enemy to come to castle, trap and smack…
or Load up with say 120k cgs… let friendly team come in and hit those cgs until bubble… let it sit 23.5 hours load , conquer then re conquer…
For every “fix” there will be a work around…Just sayin

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We took a castle from a team that was doing the conquer “exploit”
They may fight but they won’t bleed. If you want it, work for it

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What about, giving the freedom back to the people who just want to play atlas for fun, whenever and however they want?
Leave the ability to choose if they want castles or not??

Those said primarchs are already require billions of golds that pirates can afford maybe in 10x longer time than the equivalent teams… People crying about pirates in the forum did a “nice” job.

I am not sure, how many teams doing this can go up anyway… Stay there mate, yeah, what a destiny!

I will just pass into a solid diamond team, and gain my place with my offensive strategies there… with the time. Yes there are always a way around, but this made me to spend more time, and i don’t want that.

Thanks for restricting me to do this to stay as competitive, and thanks for cutting a beautiful story.


I’m just saying that PG put the condition that you can only use gold primach if you have a castle, and it seemed like a good idea, teams that didn’t want to have castles weren’t going to have that benefit, but the reality has been very different. Now there are more abandoned castles, since the teams that did not want to fight castles, now conquer many castles and leave them without guards or primach, there are many like that, and it is increasing, I only say that those who do not want castles or play a level of game that high, they will not have a golden primach, since PG wanted to create that primach for players who play at a high level. The solution to this problem is easy, only teams with more than 10,000 guards can summon the golden primach. PG originated the primach with a condition that has not worked. I’m just giving an idea to help. I agree that some want to play at a low level and that is respectable, but those who want to play at a higher level should also be respected, they should not have the same reward for a player who plays little as a player who plays a lot, I also think PG had a great idea with the golden primach, since a player who does not want to play at such a high level or defend castles, does not need golden primach, if the game is based on making things easier for teams that do not want to Fight for castles, there will be more and more castles abandoned, also abandonment of players, as only one type of player is awarded. Lately I see teams with up to 20 castles, and no guards or primach in their 20 castles, and if you fight against those teams and rob any of their castles, what they do is massacre very small teams, they rob their castles, they thwart those teams . and they return to have castles without guards or primach, then they complain that they do not want to play at such a demanding level in the atlas or spend so much time playing and that is why they do not put guards or primach, but they force other players to spend more time in the game to defend your castles. It’s very easy to complain that they don’t want to waste time on atlas, but they don’t mind that other players have to spend more hours defending castles due to their continuous attacks. With the measure of 10,000 guards to be able to summon a golden primach, the game would be more fair. It is very simple, whoever plays more receives more and whoever plays less receives less. If you continue on this path, the abandoned castles will increase and the game will end up dying.

Sounds like someone is just salty about privateers…. We get attacked all the time and we attack people all the time most of the current game if you fly a lot is in atlas privateers are a thing they enjoy life but go get a little less. Smaller teams are gonna struggle it’s life you gotta work to get somewhere in this game they aren’t just gonna hand it to you. I’m a 322 and I attack random castles sometimes up to over 100 lvls over myself I don’t always win but its part of the game 500s counter me all the time. Just grind.


Feel free to try to make the penalty harsher i will simply escalate my applied tactics! :man_shrugging:
You can not dictate play style to players!

So the solution is to force us all to play one style!?
Sorry your play style does not appeal to me……………
They can not force me to defend these castles nor am I forcing you to defend that’s your choice!
As far as fighting for castles apparently we do or we wouldn’t have these empty castles your crying about!
And while admittedly my applied tactic could cause players to quit it was the gold prime penalty that tried to force me to quit so I adapted my tactics!

Seems about a month before the gold prime penalty when players began asking pg to curb piracy I warned the community that you can’t dictate play style and doing so would only escalate piracy and the tactics they utilize!
And now we have privateering…….

So how are we doing !? :pirate_flag:

This is the effect of having a defensive core objective :man_shrugging:

Give us a singular offensive objective or we will simply make our own…….


Let’s see, it is logical that pirates do not like what I propose and I was counting on it, I only ask for justice for each player and that all game modes be respected, whether pirate or not, but there must be fairness, give each player what they deserve based on their merits or conditions, it cannot be that a player who dedicates many hours to the game will obtain the same reward as a player who dedicates few hours, I only ask that the measure that PG tried to impose, the measure was so that those who did not want to have castles, would not have the opportunity to invoke golden primach, but the pirates have managed to bypass the ban very cleverly and without inflicting any rules, you simply rob castles and have them without guards or primach, then the objective main PG you have skipped it, because you have castles without wanting to have them since you neither defend them nor will you ever defend them and if they rob you, then you rob inferior teams and that’s it, I’m just trying to help solve the problem. main tension PG. Golden Primach can only be summoned if the team has 10,000 castle guards. I will repeat it, I just want EQUITY

Lololol so you want the same amount of rewards for playing the game an hour a day as someone who plays 10-12 hours ??!! You legit hurt my brain and your thought process is literally broken. That’s like trying to tell me that you wanna work for 1 hour and get paid for 8 hours. There is literally nothing wrong with privateering there is plenty of ways to counteract it just put some effort in and you’ll be fine. Ps I’m not a pirate .

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What you are suggesting will not accomplish that :man_shrugging:

We will simply escalate the tactics further making it even worse! :+1::pirate_flag:

You will not force us to defend sorry I will not ever defend stagnation and fear that castles created because they are the problem and I will not be dictated too!
Sorry I’m playing the game my way!

And no there is nothing they can do about that short of supplying me with a long term singular offensive objective!
I will simply make my own objective regardless of the short term unviable defense objective they have supplied…….
You want balanced engagement and the equality of play it provides.
That requires us having a singular offensive long term objective :+1:
Currently we have a short term defense goal.

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friends, I only ask that whoever plays 8 hours, get rewards of 8 hours and whoever plays 1 hour get rewards of 1 hour, if you want castles or not, that does not matter to me, but I do not see fair that those who do not want to have castles, yes They get the rewards of the castles, as they are being priamch of gold, gold in beasts and regeneration of hats, if they want to be without castles, perfect, but they should not benefit from rewards of those who have castles and fight to defend their castles

I play 8-12 hours a day :pirate_flag:
Try again……
We also spend :man_shrugging:
So don’t even go there :rofl:
Sorry we are not the problem :+1:


Nobody says that you are a problem, I only say that if you do not want castles, nor do you want to defend them, you should not get their rewards.

We have them …….come take them :man_shrugging:
Now you see the real problem……
Yes I will take more :pirate_flag::+1:

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Don’t you see the main problem here man?
It’s the thing that forces you to enter into the game without your own will.

You are logging in just because somebody else have free time to do a snipe or raid. This kills the fun about atlas. I tasted defending, well defending here is attacking to the pricmarchs that came into your castle, again an offensive style of defending. It’s fun for a little bit of time too, but fun part dies pretty quickly when you realize that you need to log in every single time your alert beeps.

I have thousands of ideas about making a new atlas in the game, but i see that some people have been trying for all my playing time and it doesn’t work, PG doesn’t listen, they have not the power to make that big change, or simply they just don’t want it.

Find your own strategy that you can enjoy… or simply just leave and be a part of the system.


You made me remember now Rage against the machine. **** You, I won’t do what you told me :raised_hands:


Even better, remove the restriction entirely and let people play on a (more) even playing field.


How about just doing away with the restriction all together!!! The reason you are seeing these types of things is because of the ORIGINAL decision to not allow castleless teams access gold Primarchs.
If the restriction is removed, wouldn’t have some of the problems you are seeing.