Change dragon color, etc

what about having the possibilty to change a dragons color or his wings or his legs or… :grinning::joy: i would change axi into a black dragon - like…

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blasphemy :stuck_out_tongue:

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Blasphemy or not, I think it looks magnificent! Unfortunately it’s a very rare breed, and only 1 person had the chance to see it. Lucky for us, she made a picture:


Add red eyes and is a creature from hell
A fluffly creature from hell


With that adorable, dumb smile on its face? A mentally impaired creature from hell :slight_smile:


But in all seriousness, all black looks really good!

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Hahaha I like about the change of colours.
What about to add nice clothes to them? As the riders are, it can be powerful fashion pieces :partying_face:
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That would be perfect, I could change the colour of the dragons I dislike and make the, more likeable to me

Wouldn’t an all black Axi just make him Toothless from How to train a Dragon?

He looks worried…


We used to have armor and hats and antlers with lights, plus red noses for our dragons.


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Where is all that stuff? And how do you get it?

It used to dilute the season lines. It’s no longer available

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It wouldnt hurt anyone if it is just visible on your own screen
but I bet it would give the game a few more bug if it isnt a lots more


My Axi is a super star lol

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I couldn’t care less about the colour, I’d be far more interested in the option to change the element of the dragon.

that is a no, that just make totem even more useless than it already is

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