Change in breedable requirements?

So I got Ladron and was lvling him until I noticed this;

Level 12 for breedable? On a mythic? Is this intentional, or perhaps a side effect of the coding work done earlier tonight?


You’re right, I hadn’t even noticed but my site shows all three breedable at 12 as well.

It shouldn’t have anything to do with the cost issue, the breeding pairs and the breedable level are stored in separate location. This seems like a second, different mistake.

edit: also interesting,the mythics take less xp to expert than the legendaries (2.8b vs 3.2b). Might be intentional since 3.2b was a pretty crazy high amount, but still surprising.


I thought it was going up pretty quick :sweat_smile:. But I thought I just wasn’t factoring in all the boosts :woman_shrugging:t2:

I’m going to bet copy pasta error.


Anyone else feel like they’ve cut staff? Lot of checks and balances don’t seem to have been done.


Maybe they allow alcoholic beverages in the office now. I don’t know, something has sure changed. The game was always buggy but this… lately its just awful. The last 3-4 updates have been disastrous.


I’ve poked some people to look into this one.


Like that one​:+1::facepunch:

I also thought it weird (I had Medusys).
As It doesn’t seem to really change much to be honest I just shrugged my shoulders and ignored it. Looks like this tiers mythics caused PG more problems than usual.

Not sure it makes a difference. The difference between level 16 and 12 is like waiting for a food shipment from the bank.

4 levels is 2 days of multiplied invader runs, if you are lazy, right? Can do in 1 day even.
Never understood the mythics having different level requirements to breed
Do they mature diferently? More slower? Any hormones problems due to the stronger spells?

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Maybe it was because they are able to reach higher levels?

I had mine breedable in less than an hour.

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Had mine capped in about 15hrs. It’s sad to see that they are not very good.

It’s been changed to 16 like mythics are supposed to be at. :+1:t3:

@moderators can you close this please? It’s been resolved.


Closed as requested