Change in zeppelin missions

Recently, I noticed that I’ve stopped getting missions related to specific dragons in roster. (Use certain spells, defeat bases or deal damage with certain dragons). I wonder if the change is intentional, or am I missing something here. Because these are amongst the easiest missions since you can complete them while farming beasts, missing them has definitely made missions a lot more grindy.

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Feel this was mentioned in another thread, but it has been something that’s been pointed out.

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… but not answered …

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I noticed that on my level 72 account (that I haven’t played in years), I still get those dragon-specific missions. It is an ancient account, as I have some of the oldest dragons: Necroth, Sigurd, Kinnarakku, Grumble, etc. On this account, I’m active, and since I started, I haven’t ever gotten a dragon-specific mission in my time.

I wonder if it has something to do with the age of the account? Is anyone still getting dragon-specific missions?

I also own the dragons you mentioned but for a while now most of my missions are destroy x Bases and collect wood/food.

I’ve noticed this in my own account as well. The majority of my Zeppelin missions have been to loot resources, destroy X amount of Y towers, use X spell X amount of times, etc. It has been months since I have received a dragon-specific mission.

I made my account in 2017 and I was getting them up until at least last season (only building or rss ones for weeks now), so it’s that something changed rather than anything related to age of accounts

It is a good point, @MrCueueueueue and has been raised.

Here, RuRu.

Fozzie was also correct, it remains unresolved as there has been no official acknowledgment of the issue.

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