Change Matchmaking to based on active dragons not base level

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How does that make sense? Bases aren’t easier/harder based on their dragons… you’d be punishing those ahead on breeding, also once you’re above 300, no one below 300 is really worth hitting unless they have full storage

If ur base is much higher than ur dragons that are active in roster its very difficult to win for xp or rss

That’s what we call leveling passed your dragons :see_no_evil: it’s basically the easiest indicator that you need to slow down and breed

Guess u don’t get it. Been shipping most wood for long time except build events.

Red’s guide. Please read the part of Dragon Check-in

Also, leveling fast through building has it’s own advantage (easy building rather than strategic building)


I’m lv 102. During fort, I used to get rss from lv 180+ with some lv 41 towers (even when I’m in 90)

I think the player should be able to customize what levels they want to see in matchmaking. When I was a lvl 120, the highest I see on matchmaking was about 300. I wanted hit higher for various reasons so I had to search in the team meeting hall.


As new dragons become active they are much lower pwr and need easier bases

“New dragons,” this is dragons that just hatched right? If so you can find an “xp base,” and bookmark it or have a teammate back you. @GhostRider419 has a farm list and you can check out this:

Or search the team: Xpfarmsloosex1

Attacking lower level bases will give significantly less xp btw.

Yes am aware of those. Those don’t provide rss however.

A matchmaking improvement is needed however. Like u said perhaps allow customization. Like current event needs food but most matchmaking shows 0.

  1. If you ever overleveled, stop overleveling.
  2. Attacking bases a lower level than you gives less resources (purposefully)
  3. You should never be able to customize your matchmaking to only show people that have X resource. I mean, that’s just absurd.

what a coaccident, I just send a ticket about this 2 days ago

and they replied,

…in the end, nothing solve

Report the CS to PGJared…

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what for? What can she possibly do?

I mean for giving misinformation. I believe that matchmaking is influenced by our base level.

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I see your problem here

I included my profile for comparison.
One question. Are you stuck on breeding Legendary Platinum?


I have tried mixing roster doesn’t affect matchmaking

if she really want to investigate this, she should send me a message. I dont want to get anyone in trouble. I just want the problem fixed and I dont believe they can fix it

as many leave ember in roster, it has never worked obviously :joy:

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