Change Matchmaking to based on active dragons not base level



Nope. Just store them, they’ll always be there.

There’s no way to “undo” overleveling. All you can do is not level unnecessary towers going forward.


Since I’m stuck with twrs in storage would it be better to just deploy them?


No because you tend to keep leveling them up, which you need to stop doing. All they do not is allow attackers to build rage.


Another benefit to storing the towers is that the deployed towers directly affect what egg missions you get. Storing the crappy, under-leveled towers will streamline the egg missions you end up with.


:+1: And if you have more than one of a particular tower deployed, expect destroy x tower missions where x is more than 8. If you only have one of a tower out, then x is usually 2.


There is no harm to deploy them, but weak towers are sometimes worse than blank space depending on where/how you deploy, and most people will eventually level them anyways. It’s easier to just store them.

Player level xp increases exponentially, so you can fairly easily dilute it.

An example. I have several level 20 towers stored and they have been insignificant for a good while now. But at one point those were my strongest towers. Now the sum of them all isn’t even a fraction of a level.

And just to reinterate, the current system does take dragon roster into account.

Also there are lots of buildings you can upgrade during fortification that will provide almost zero xp allowing you to participate in fortification events without increasing level.



Any building in the main island (including the superior dragon’s den), Farms, Mills, and Totems (the latter is questionably useful, especially if you don’t have enough elemental embers)


Not sure how it takes drags into account. Ive swapped drgs out and still getting bases way higher han mine. Reg runs almost impossible.


It still uses player level. But it then takes the lists of players sorted by player level nearest yours and selects from that list based on other criteria such as attack power.

Attack power is the combined attack power of your top 3 dragons. If you completely remove all dragons from your roseter and add just 3 low powered dragons you will see easier targets, but that doesn’t mean they will be beatable with those dragons as those targets are all “similar” player level to you as well.

I’m not sure how instantaneous this is but you might find narrowing down your roster to 1 dragon helps you as you can keep the power of your strongest dragon but remove your second and third.

Ultimately the game is about your abilities vs your player level, so you will want to improve your dragon attack power without impacting your player level. I don’t think it makes sense to change this about the game, but it could make sense to have some kind of warning or tip (the game seems to lead you towards bad habits)

It may also use your defense power (I haven’t really tested this, it’s merely speculation) but you might get better targets by storing towers when attacking (this is merely theoretically so you would have to try it)

Really if you are looking for how to dig your way out of the hole, you will need to lean on your team some for backup, to only upgrade buildings that won’t increase your player level (totems + farms + infrastructure on the main base) and to focus on nothing but dragons (means grinding xp and tokens)

If you spend this can be done easily, but If you don’t it’s not fun to dig out of.


Dude really needs to get backup. Just saying.


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