Change Narlyths spell so hes fixed and not benched

So after reading forum after forum and support’s emails to me about fixing Narlyth I am getting the impression he will not be fixed.

So simple solution change Whispers of Madness spells into a spell that already exists
One that can kill 1 or 2 towers per cast similar to what Whispers was designed to do.
mess with rage if trying to be fair about certain spells just make his spells usable and trusted.

I would rather them fix the spell but if that is not an option change the spell to an existing one.

  • Death Gaze red
  • Umbral Spike red
  • Death stare white
  • Some other spell
  • Just let it stay broken
  • Let me swap for GIG

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Or maybe reduce the rage cost to one. Or make it no rage at all (just stretching it out :see_no_evil:). Since it is a “hit or miss type” of spell :man_shrugging:.


The spells in your poll are all the same family of spell and they are all the same as the white spell he already has. If anything, change it to entrap would be my preference. But even with the broken spell, Narlyth is still an amazing dragon in the right hands.


but the way I use the spell I use it as a deathgaze to kill a tower and let it almost kill another.
thats why I was putting those spells.

But not opposed to switching it to another spell.
but definetly not entrap.
entrap goes away after 5 seconds.
whispers of madness kills 2 towers. i would not temporary trap a couple towers temporarly as compared to killing them
Give me ethereal chains. better

Ok I can see that. But he has an instakill spell already. If you aim right you can take out 2 towers. Mixed with his cloak it’s a good combo. Entrap would give you enough time to trap the front, instakill the back, cloak, then wipe out the front after his explode. On the long Island you could entrap the second set of towers while destroying the first.

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That’s not really its only use. This spell is a lockdown cross death gaze cross elemental mayhem. It’s something that bugs you time. It’s something that lets you deal damage while cloaked and it’s something that one shots a tower. If you are only using it to one shot towers you are missing out

Just leave it as the same spell. some of us have made it work.

Not that it excuses PG from fixing this long term.

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:ballot_box_with_check: Keep the spell, fix it


Keep the spell.
Me likes it, me never had problem with sticking :eyes:

If can fix - fix it, if not - just leave :3

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Fix spell or lock down or vines :smirk:

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You trying to make Narlyth Op?

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Personally, I feel as though any change to WoM would make him significantly weaker overall. I know there are ways in which the spell glitches, but that happens with every spell. This spell just has different requirements for it to be effective, but it’s not unrealistic from my experience. I have maybe 96-98% success rate with WoM and honestly that’s about as good as any other spell I cast from the turn, the odd time I mess up the timing and miss my tower or fire too early.

What I haven’t had happened yet, which I’m not sure if it’s a glitch, is a storm/earth protecting the tower from explosion - seems rare. The other thing I’ve hear is storm/earth activation can cancel WoM after it’s placed, also haven’t had this happen yet. So can’t speak to those.

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My WoM never doesn’t sticks, it always works!

Even if it didn’t work 50% of the time I don’t understand the complaining, wanting to swap for GIG and everything that’s been said! He still a very good dragon!
The posts about him being useless are silly lol, even if you could NEVER use WoM he wouldn’t be useless!

He already has a death gaze spell why would he need 2 death gaze spells like the ones mentioned, WoM is nice to slow down flying, damage other towers, disabling one strong tower, the explosion at the end is just A bonus it’s really not even needed the tower could just be spiked…anyways I’d rather it be left alone because like I said it always works for me but do understand that’s not the case for everyone so I would be ok if they just took it away and added Lockdown or Sand.
since cloak is white And sand being white with a White DG spell that
May be problem lol, making him to strong. I think WoM is best left alone

Regardless he still a great dragon even if your having problems with WoM :man_shrugging:

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Just keep the spell as is it. The spell is not broken, it just has a very short range compared to other spells, you have to face towers to shoot it. It just requires some timing. Work on your timing only, I never have an issue with the spell.

Edit : added this post I made last time.

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It does not work as designed and was modified to make it weaker (much slower speed) as well. While there may be ‘workarounds’ to get it to function, that IN NO WAY means it is functioning correctly.

Even PG is on record as saying it’s broken.

I actually never have any problems with WoM not sticking anymore when I get use to flying him more. Changing WoM will mostly cripple him and make him lose his uniqueness.
Give him entrap then I would say that he will be practically untouchable as he can just slow down to generate rage, kill tower and wait for his spike to finish cooldown, he will not be balance anymore.
Also, there’re a few ways that you can avoid the glitch, which shivenzo and Burger already stated above.

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i Have a lot of inconsistency with him. Yes he is usuable as is. just not happy that i cant trust the spell. on my invader base i can shoot it really far, as far as I can see on the longer island and hit hit most of the time. The times i have issues is its closer and I hit dead on it and it does nothing.

During that time I just used up 2 rage and still getting hit by the most strongest tower on the island. Thats why i was attacking that one to attack for me.

If you ask me a spell that takes 2 rage and gives you nothing is the worst spell in the game. I might as well be mage shooting myself.

I have uploaded a long shot from atlas invader base and I can hit that alot on invader base. but when I try it in the game i would say my ratio is it works 85% but that 15% i really pay for it when it does not work.

I am a level 380 and during this PVP I will not be using him when Im attacking lvl 520 for points. because one mishap and hes dead and no rage for next dragon.

I wrote Other Spell - would rather just have Elemental Resist.


Not sure I understand the distance thing cause it will stick on the back of a Long Island while dragon is still in the front🤔