Change not being able to attack Inactives


So, support tells me that if you declare war on a team and a player goes inactive status AFTER you declare war on them, you can’t attack that player. And they don’t get auto kicked from the team for up to 7 days, or more.

Wait, what? You’re kidding me?! I knew this was a problem in lower leagues that the teams, for whatever reason, don’t autokick Inactives, because they’re bugged or whatever, but if the game is coded to work as the support agent described, that is total BS. The game is rigged to reward inactive status. And if that player so happens to log in before war ends, they can attack you, but if their status doesn’t go higher than Inactive, you can’t attack them. (In this situation, the player has over 400k medals for this week, Inactive, yeah right)

Fix it. If you are on a team, you should be able to be attacked, period. You should not be able to hide behind an activity status. Ugh.


I second this…


Personally I think it should be an automatic 5 flame win. Any inactive accounts should not be able to compete in wars.


Support lacks knowledge of how the game works. Plain and simple. They really are a complete joke even for a gaming company. It is really sad how many times they have such wrong information.

It is should be they are kicked at the same time we can no longer attack them.


Yes to all of this! Fix this problem!


I mailed PG about this an no response given… My first thought was to tell the declaring team there was no way to win the war (if the activity level was that far off)… However after more thought what about the suggestion of treating all inactive the same as “left the team” and a vacant slot. Cross their name off and give the 5 flames for each ineligible to be attacked.



Agreed. It’s really not fair to lose wars because you can’t attack people - yet another thing that needs to change!


I am really surprised PG has not commented on this thread as it is a pretty obvious flaw in their game design.


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