Change of cap on silver pmchs

In teams silver primarchs are to be exkluded in castle defenses because of their higher cap on troops killed
Is this supposed to be ok? A stronger primarch should regardless loose less/kill more or am I wrong? What is the reason of upgrading it ( except getting the crafting materials/diamonds in events)

  • Lose less and kill more = Higher stats.
  • More glory = Higher kill caps.

I dont get it, I loose more as silver but can kill more? So its pretty basic then, bronze taunter and silver sieger

if your taunter gets trapped, then your sieger can be attacked directly… so it’s down to how well co-op’ing you are with your teammates/alliances.

i personally don’t like the way it is, but the way gp are calculated pretty much directly guiding you to lose enough troops so that you’ll be getting enough gp from single attack.

though i’d still recommend pursuing after minimal loss of your own troop even if that means grinding gp for far longer per season.

-b/c, imo, troops are still the most important atlas resource. (some may argue with bullhorns but bullhorns and gold can be bought with diamonds… that everyone pretty much has been hoarding up.)

The main reason silver prims aren’t allowed for castle defense is that the rate at which troops are lost is high if they are fully loaded. In most cases, the defender is trying to stall/slow the attackers until reinforcements arrive. You are correct in that the math works out in favor of when using a silver defensive prim. The other part of the equation that I think you’re missing is time (or the rate of troops loss.

I’d recommend finding a team that allows for silvers to be parked at castles (with under 7k troops loaded) if it is really bothering you.

No whats bothering me is that the silver pmchs seem like a rocket both ways, I cant find a reason playing atlas for a longer time and believing that upgrading your pmch to silver is a good thing depending on the circumstances. Yes you maybe kill more, but you also tend to loose everything in one attack from another silver primarch (which in the longer run is a clear disadvantage)

(which takes us into the other matter with ppl never having more than 5k troops as a routine)

I am trying to understand PG way of thinking here

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