Change of Runes UI

Am I the only one struggling with finding right runes? I have hundreds or maybe 1000 of them… maybe If I would get rid of them regularly I wouldn’t have such issue, but I always thought that some may be useful. Or rare ones give so little dust I am not going to waste my time with them.

What I would love to see is Havoc rune (and little number below like 10x), epic rage again number 8x etc. So when I need some I can quickly see if I have it or not. In case I would get rid of them I would see how many I have left. I could pick trash them all (like evasion :rofl::rofl:) of select number how many I want to change to dust. Going over thousands of individual runes is a pain. :cry::cry:
I know there are more urgent issues, but this improvement of UI would make me happy.


nope, been suggested before, but I, like you, don’t feel like searching for it.


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PGCoffee has announced that they will work on the rune sorting as well as new runes and that we should stay tuned :wink:


Oh good! I need a search bar please! And a delete all selected runes option way to many useless runes (I swear I have 5 legendary ballista runes)

There is a salvage multiple option, but I admit I rarely use it because it doesn’t show you the secondary stats of the runes you select.
You can also sort by rarity and use filters.

I think when runes would be grouped, it would look very clean already and would be a major QoL improvement without having to add too many new features.


Sorry! What I meant was salvage all selected runes. Not delete!

Ballistas are good

Great, I will finally have a use for my 940 silver chests…lol.

Was that recent? Or months ago?

Hmm I think he said it on they announcement stream of the Wintertide season that those are the plans for 2018.

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