Change perch feeding from below 95% to below 99%

There was a recent change to perch feeding such that each increment of feeding now provides 6hrs of boosts. However the limit of only being able to feed again still remains at 95% or less. So feeding can only be done approx every hour and 12 mins whereas it used to be every 18mins. This was useful for mission balloons which required raiding food. I would like to suggest changing the limit to 99% now which would put it back to about to 15mins before being able to feed again. Even 98% would be an improvement so that feeding can be done at least as frequently as missions.


You could also dump your food to a teammate.


Let the food bomb party begins :eyes:

Also, higher ups privilege. Dump food from bank to anyone else, and fill the spot


Treat others how you would hope to be treated - I don’t send food to others unless they have asked for it because i don’t want food to be sent to me because 9 times out of 10 that forces a full load rather than a quick load the next time I enter the game so it wastes my time. My fall back position is the bank swicheroo method as mentioned above.

Oh also BTW, I send to myself from bank then send to bank to create a space for 20mins. So I dont affect anyone else.

Just comment in LC, someone will hit you to free up that space

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Seriously just dump a load on anyone. ‘He who spoke last gets dumped on’
I really don’t think ppl are worried about getting stuff and they’re probably full anyway.


This is rather an absurd way of thinking. Who cares? I dump wood and food on my teammates constantly and they do it to me. No one cares. People need to stop taking everything so freaking personally.
We often joke around were we dump tons on one person. They laugh, they don’t give a damn about it.


I send my rss to whoever chats last Hahaha.I should say sorry it probably mess up their quests sometimes.

Say what?

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Omfg this :joy: I’m talkative so I get a million lumber and food transfers to me. (I don’t care)

Honestly, people below 500 usually can get enough food. Either way it’s not a big deal most people don’t care. What bothers me is when my teammates send me 1 gold :joy:

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