Change rider name?

I do remember that you do could this before but the function has been changed. What do you guys remember?

When you first hire a rider, you can change its name then. I’m not aware of any other time you’re able to rename it.
Exhibit A (Kayla):

I can’t show my rider’s name in here :see_no_evil::speak_no_evil:

Oh lord… it’s such a basic functionality tho. Charge rubies for it if you must…

Yep can only change when you hire them.

:yum::coffee: @Lutrus Lutrus

It’s a request that’s been brought up before, but will need enough support for the team to prioritize it. Make sure to let us know if this feature is important to you and why!


Maybe Lutrus will fall in love with Kayla and want to marry her. :scream: CheapDate wouldn’t work out too well then.

Other people have crashed during the process, so they never actually get a chance to name it at all.

I can confirm that for those who like customizing (generally the creative and/or visual types) that this is a huge deal. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to tell people it can’t be done after a rider is hired. (I’m not one of those people)

I have been advising folks to submit a ticket and request a rename as I suspect you guys may do it if asked nicely, and it will both trend and motivate a non support solution. (Please advise if you would like a different corse or action)

I know that for the folks in my team it’s a big deal that the dragon name (renamed) does not show in certain situations. (like for other players or that other people with the same dragon show their custom name)

A surprisingly large number of players play dragon games simply because they have dragons in them, or have a cool picture of one in the App Store. These players mostly care about personalizing and forming attachment to “their” dragon with their nickname. (Similar to how Pixxel renamed her Grogg to Groggy)

I suggest that maybe a warning screen be created at time of hire saying “are you sure, you won’t be able to rename this rider in the future”. Reason being is that most people who like to personalize want to find a name that fits it and want to come back to it when a good name comes to them, but they still want the rider then and there and there is an implication that you can rename it later (like you can with a dragon)

I do think there needs to be a mechanism to allow you to reference the dragon and rider without knowing what someone nicknamed it. But I also think personalization is important to a great number of players


Couldn’t have said it better myself.

Viscus is my Cheshire Cat, and my Grogg has been renamed HauntedSkulls. I really like personalisation in games for special characters or helpers. It makes them unique and special.

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