Change Silver Taunter/Trapper max troop loss to 10k instead of 25k


I would like to see Silver Taunters and Trappers lose a max of 10k troops when defending a home base. Most of the time you park it there and let it be. It’s unfair to lose 25k and as a result people leave Bronze primes instead and if maxed get zero glory which also sucks.

I think Destroyers and Seiger should still loose 25k max because they are usually attacking when they are loaded up, but the game shouldn’t discourage people from loading up and defending with their trappers and taunters. Losing more seems to be reasonable but 25k is excessive.


This would only be at castles you own? :face_with_raised_eyebrow: It would make glory swapping in NML more irksome. Plus the enemy can just keep attacking you over and over again even if troop loss per attack is limited.

Also it would make it harder to kill enemy trappers and taunters that show up on your doorstep.

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Well the problem is getting killed easily defending a castle when you’re offline and no benefits for leaving capped bronze primes out for XP.

The solution could be any of the following:

  1. Make 10k cap troop loss for silver taunters/trappers on your or allies properties.
  2. Make 10k cap troop loss for silver taunters/trappers whenever base is hit undefended.
  3. Make 10k cap troop loss for silver taunters/trappers whenever owner is offline.
  4. Make 10k cap troop loss for silver taunters/trappers everywhere all the time.
  5. Keep 25k cap troop loss silver taunters/trappers but let XP from bronze rollover up to silver.

I’d be fine with any of those fixes.

So for solution #5 if you have a level 15 bronze trapper out and it gets killed at least you get the XP gained applied to your silver trapper.


What about the solution of disallowing bronze primarchs once you have reached the silver tier? And re-scale the stats to make the jump worth it.

We need some form of higher attrition for troops in this game. Keeping the same “load 1800 troops on a maxed sieger to kill 7500 enemy troops” gets old fast. I have like 600k troops just sitting around and it’s not like I do bad in seasons…i’m sure almost every castle out there has maxed guards as well. We need to start killing stuff off.


Sure I don’t mind that. The bottom line is we have to balance the benefits for both defending and attacking bases so like you said, troops risked and troops killed are higher. I’ve been hitting a few teams for the past week with 3k troops at a time probably a 100+ times and yes it gets old very fast even though I’m successful 99% of the time.

And it’s really annoying being on the opposite end as well not being able to put out your biggest and best primes out because of the heavy 25k troop loss.


I’m confused, for #1 would this be 10k cap loss only for you but 25k for the attackers? Perhaps I’m misunderstanding, but if that’s the case, not down with that.

As for attrition, well, perhaps if 3/4 of Atlas teams weren’t sitting around on their castles doing nothing because everyone is too afraid of retaliation and castle loss, more troops would be dying?


No 10k troops lost for the silver trapper or taunter regardless of how many troops the attacking prime loses… so if you’re hitting at 2:1 ratio you’d lose 5k and they’d lose 10k per attack.


Thank you for clarifying. It is pretty stupid that silver defense prims are so utterly useless. Leveling them up feels like a waste of time and troops considering how difficult it is to get good glory, and they’re a liability in a battle. Bizarre.


Exactly thats the problem. Silver defensive primes are a huge liability.


Well to lose 25k the attacker needs to risk 13k. Will rarely happen.

Changing to 10k means the attacker risks 5-6k. Which is normal. So this won’t do anything for atlas.

Edit: basically I’m saying that you can only lose 25k if YOU yourself royally f up by attacking. By defending you almost always won’t have the opportunity to lose 25k.

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Please no.


Um just no…


So what’s your guy’s solution? As an attacker doesn’t it suck only seeing bronze taunters and trappers all the time? don’t you want to hit higher? As a defender doesn’t it suck not getting any XP on your max level 15 taunter?

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Your level 15 taunter is maxed, so it doesn’t need xp; I’m not sure why that sucks?


People are still gonna only leave out bronze because it’s more of a pain in ass…my solution is leave it the way it is and release silver 2 primes already :man_shrugging:


Silver II, if I am not mistaken, come with a 75k kill cap yes?

People use maxed bronze prims mainly to make it through cooldown during a siege, apart from the fact that most attackers looking for easy prey are lazier to go for a small bronze.

Simply load up less troops on your silver I’d say… or more if your base is good enough to hold of end game drags defended.


Personally I find if I’m offline enough and someone is hitting me they’ll wipe the 30+k on my trapper whether it’s silver or bronze. I’m happy for them to hit the silver as it hurts them more.


I think that is not a bad idea, but the problem are the endgameplayers that attacking down.

Just today I got hit by a gloryhunter 200+ lvl above me (288 vs 5xx D1) and that happens at lvl2 land.
So I would lose a ton of troops and gain bad glory or a trapper/taunter is nearly worthless because you can’t load it with much troops before you are endgame.
That will be a new problem for not endgame players, f2p, e2p and will decrease their progress.


Stop parking full silvers ert

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How about just letting people adjust their prime stats to their liking?

My maxed silver destroyer, with only 437 AP, kills 25k castle guards at a pass…with barely 6.5k troops .-.

My maxed sieger is likely to be worse. I’d really like to have the effort I put into maxing them rewarded by actually being able to kill stuff for decent glory. Doesn’t really make sense to punish people for playing the game better than people who don’t max their primes.

It’s not losing anything to have adjustable prime stats, right? I could just temporarily decrease my destroyer AP to 270 or something when I hit guards, for the best glory:enemy troop ratio, and increase it back when I want to kill something fast.