Change Super Shots to Double Tap

Please change Super Shots from single tap to double tap!

When defending bases, for too long I have been annoyed from dragging the selected buff to when I hover over the area, it also triggers a Super Shot on a random tower when I lift my finger. This action ultimately makes me waste 1 out of my 5 Super Shot options.

If they were set to double tap, then no one would run into the issue of accidentally triggering a Super Shot just from dragging a Shield, Sword, or Hammer.


This is a huge QoL improvement and a huge hassle at the same time lol


What would be nice is if you tap it once it shows you the tower’s level, 2nd tap sets the super shot. It’s really annoying not being able to see the levels of the towers you’re defending


This would be a great improvement but I have the feeling if they tried to change it it would probably break something else.


I would prefer it to be a user selectable option to display levels for all towers in defense mode. Then you can quickly scan a base before attacks land. Tapping every tower would be a bit much.


You would only need to tap a few towers to see where the kill island is

Even so, easier if can just see the numbers at a glance. But on my P4 team, despite advice to the contrary, people put their strongest towers all over the place without rhyme or reason. Would be real help there.


Or you supershot the level 1 mage instead of the level 55 one :man_facepalming:


This is not necessary at all, you should be placing your super shots before you start using the shields, swords, and hammers. If the towers aren’t strong enough to warrant super shots then they aren’t strong enough to warrant using the other stuff, you’re just wasting your resources

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The problem is there’s no way of telling where the high level towers are under the current system.

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Drag-able super shots :face_with_monocle:
Where a misplaced SS can be drug back to a SS icon or another tower …
Not sure how much coding that would take so it would act much like a shield or sword does now.
Just an idea :+1:

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This would be amazing!

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Not really true, most bases either have a long kill or short kill setup so it’s easy to know. If they don’t they either have all maxed level towers on their base (and it doesn’t matter) or they have a really bad base and it needs addressed.

You should also familiarize yourself with your teammates bases, at least the ones worth defending.

Or just stop tapping the screen at random?

Don’t make me double tap… I barely have the energy to single tap… and even then I mostly just watch…. This game sucks to much to put in effort.


I’ve had the game think I was placing supershots while I was trying to move the camera view, and while placing defensive boosts. No extra taps involved.


Easy if you’re by yourself. Try this with 2+ defenders.

If you have teammates helping then it still doesn’t matter. You still should be placing your super shots only on kill island towers. You just end up having to wait for theirs to fire before you can place yours.

That depends a little on how many kill islands you are defending. And it’s really frustrating when you just want to activate 1-2 SS on a small island (depending on the setup) to try harder on the long after and find yourself with less SS than you thought/ should…
The sole SS that I activate before is the shield, otherwise a simple freeze or cloak spell will just lay the other SS to waste.


That is really bad tactics for a defender, like really bad.
If you were to do that I’d just approach the island and cloak once SS have activated. That leave the whole island without SS ability.

The key for a good defence is knowing the dragons, the base and how to defend that base against said dragon.


Isn’t a bad idea unless the code is too complicated with the risk of broken the game.