Change team ; troop transfer

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Is there no way to save my imprisoned troops from my previous team?

I changed teams 1 month ago, I have 5k troops on their castle, I didnt know my troops will be stuck there. And i want to try to park on that castle to try and test if i can get those troops back however every singe time i try i get trapped, so I gave up after so many times.

Also another thing to worry about is what if a player with x amount of troops suddenly got kicked from the team? Bye troops?

Always move your troops to the nearest safe zone castle and make it your home before switching teams to make the process a lot easier.

You should wait until the shields are down to sneak in without worry of the barriers and reclaim your troops. But would highly recommend you mail the leader to let him know ahead of time so that you can get in and out asap.

Don’t know the answer to your last question.

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last question :slight_smile:

if a player gets kicked out his troops remain in the Garrison. unless u have a primarch at the same castle and the Ex-Team attacks your primarch and kills the Garrison ships due this aswell

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