Change the Draconic and Silver

Plz seriously look at the draconic chests.
I can pretty much bet my paycheck that
At least every 5 times I spend 1,000 rubies for a draconic chest, I get 5 hammers. This is a very clear cheat.
I am being ripped off of my rubies

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Well, your 1st mistake is that you’re buying dracs directly with rubies which is a terrible move. Your 2nd mistake is that you’re buying them one at a time instead of in sets of 10. So yeah…

If you want dracs then you should be getting them from the festive line and maybe the champion rider line.


oh baby…


Instead of complaining to the developers that you aren’t getting good resource drops, first you should check a little closer to home. Draconics are very good chests and many people find hammers useful.
There are a great many resource management guides on the forums if you look around.


Have a few comments here :slightly_smiling_face:

  1. Buying it by 1 chest is the worst move. Buying it by 10 is still reasonable (has pros and cons over Gold and Platinum), although not as good as Festive line.
  2. Among (pseudo) random chests, Draconic has about the biggest data length. Therefore, unless you’re prepared to open hundreds (or even 1k+), it’s better not to expect good drop from this chest.

Lmao, is this guy serious? Who uses rubies to buy draconics?


I do :smiley:

I like to buy $100 packs and open a few hundred thousand rubies worth in a hit

Clearly I am a compulsive gambler :slight_smile:

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I have over 700 hammers. Havn’t used but maybe 50 in the last month. What do you suppose I am doing that dictates the outcome of opening up a chest? Really?
I need to chat with someone who has an IQ.

Really? Ok

Wow, 50 in the last month? You must not be a very good teammate then. You should be going to that much or more in 1 day, especially if your team has access castles and raids.

Not everything in a chest is going to be valuable to every person. Hammers arent really valuable to me since I have a crap ton but I have a teammate who is desperate for them so those 5 hammers are worth something to her (not 1k rubies but again, you shouldn’t be getting them that way anyway).

Dracs are a huge gamble unless you’re opening a ton of them. If you want them, invest in the festive this season and go for as many of the dracs at the end of the line as you can get. You’ll find it far more profitable than buying single chests and hoping for something useful.


The percentages are listed when you click on the chest and when you open up 500-1,000 you should get close to those averages.

Every game that uses chests has “fillers” basically stuff that most people don’t need. Same for HP pots and dragon boosts in gold and bronze chests.

If they buffed the hammer drop to something more valuable then they would need to nerf the better drops to compensate.

For Draconics if you open less than 500 its essentially gambling. If you wanna hit chests averages then you need to open a decent quantity.

Personally I think Draconics are fine as is but won’t complain if they make them better

50 hammers in a month ? Are you kidding me? You must be a horrible atlas player then? I can use up 50 hammers in 5-10 mins

Damn bro, I mean sure, if you can why not :joy:
I’m not a spender, don’t even buy elite much so yeah id never use rubies on dracs

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Still much to learn about the game.

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Well, that is great for you.

All kidding aside….if you play on a super active raiding Atlas team, hammers become a very precious rss. Finding them in rubie expensive chests like Draconics is definitely disappointing, if you only open one every so often. But as others already stated, you need to open a bunch to get decent rss out of them. If you claim them after finishing the festive dragon line, the value is great. If you open them with rubies, it’s a gamble I would not take.


Thanks for the info buddy

It would be nice though if they changed Silver chests again and made more of a variation from event to event. I have the ammo and the rage runes so there’s really no reason to open silvers anymore. We need some variation and some glyphs. I would love a mythic rage glyph to be added.

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This is 100% true. I accept, that you need fillers in these chests, but currently they contain almost 90% fillers. Who needs a legendary ballista resist? Or a rune like enervation? How about adding glyphs? How about getting rid of runes, that are completely useless, since the spells aren’t relevant anymore? Silvers definitely need to be looked at. I would love to see a Mythic Lighting Striker rune. Or a mythic ammo glyph.


Silver needs a lot of adjustment and drop rates in Fort and Breeding for chests during exp/gold farming should be greatly increased since. This could help increase engagement during these periods.

I am doing about the same number if not more gold runs due to the glory event that just ended and getting still way less chests then I got during PVP.

Chests should always drop; 10 rubies are a joke.