Change the info on defense points if its not accurate

as i understand you get in war defense points just for joining to defend and that seem to me a bit wrong but its pg decision. to the point in the info on the defense points it is written that “your team has defended successfully ?? times and your opponent def…”
if its not about a success in defending don’t write it.


But you shouldn’t get screwed out of defense points if connection issues end up kicking you out of the battle room either…

Ikr, I have asked them 3 times already from very long time ago but nothing change. They said they would look into it but well they really just look into it

I loved how old defense system worked actually
New one is nothing about defending-only catching banners

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be careful what you ask for…

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i dont ask for the old system even do it makes more sense just to fix the info message that tell you that points is given on successful defense.

It will be too much extra coding for this small mistake
And every time,after update we should pray,that game won’t be broken :speak_no_evil::see_no_evil::joy_cat:

How much coding would it take to delete the word “successful”?

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It’s more about changing words at all
It’s a working time which can be used for something more useful,like fixing bugs etc
It’s not that thing which make game unplayable or spoil game mechanics)

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