Change to endless atlas gold grind


Hitting poachers and mines 20+ times per day is draining. Is there anything in the works to change this? Like gold drop increase, or troop cost decreased, or both? Maybe a raid function on mines after the first run… I don’t know, something should get changed though… Usually I’m all about grinding aspects in games, but it gets a little out of hand when every single aspect of this game requires grinding.





I hope this solution isn’t the “Atlas Season”!


There is also atlas elite now, which will increase gold yield from mines.


Great, the solution for the endless farming of gold, is to spend money every week. Thanks but no thanks. Guess I’ll be hunting for the suckers that will be spending, better than hitting a mine 20+ times.


Gotta admit I didn’t see THAT coming…

I should know better by now.



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