Change to how War Dragons launches on a new device

So I had this idea after a friend of mine had to play through the new user tutorial tonight in order to log into her account after her phone accidentally got restored to factory settings. Instead of going directly into the new user tutorial when War Dragons is opened on a new phone for the first time, why can’t there be a log in screen at the very beginning?

I’m sure the designers can come up with a lovely splash screen that will have two options “Start a new game” and “Log into existing account” (or however you want the wording to be). This will save existing players quite a bit of time in the event that they get a new device, or their device gets rolled back to factory settings.


You dont need to play through. Its a Couple of extra clicks till you get to a screen that can change accounts. Think maybe 1 min?


Such a lovely suggestion! :hugs::kissing_heart:

I actually log out of one device completely daily to login in my iPad and its simple, jump 2 screens, go to settings -> account -> I have account login. Not very inconvenient :hugs:


Really? Hmm, it wasn’t giving her access to the spot where you can change accounts until it showed through all the tutorial stuff where you’re locked out from doing anything other than what the tutorial wants you to do.

I can’t remember exactly as it was a looong time ago, but I believe Gox is right - there is a place where you can hit the settings button and log into another account - probably where you are told to build farms etc.

you can log in once Ash finishes her very first speech.

The moment the game asked you to perform an attack on an NPC, don’t attack and tap the setting. That’s the time you can sign into the game.

Fair enough. I’ve never done it myself so I have no personal experience with it. I was just bringing it up because a couple of my team mates had expressed a wish that the process was a bit faster. I guess neither of them realized how quickly you could log in.

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