Change to Mega Coin

So, because the feedback to mega coins was “positive” cashflow positive at least, would it be possible to at least disable them for the last hour of every round? @PGJared That seems like a bit of compromise for those who love it (they can still mega coin to their hearts content) and people that disdain it. This way they can still get points, they just aren’t the sole deciding factor in a round?

Also…I think you might have broken the coding…when attack fails shouldn’t you get 0 points? Isn’t that kind of what failing means?


I like this, but it’s never going to happen.

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Are you talking about normal attacks or mega attacks?

As for an end of round lockout; that is being discussed internally.

All attacks I think. I think in some events you get 0 but for this event you seem to get points. I wasn’t sure if this was intentional.


I’ll have to look into it, but I’ll get back to you.

Megas give 50% points, even if you fail. It’s in the ingame rules.

No I get that…I was simply asking why, that makes no sense.

Cause they pay for points :man_shrugging:

Edit, they’re LITERALLY a way to pay to win…

Panda is right. Previously if you failed to get 70% on a base with a normal or super attack you get a big fat zero. This time some points are awarded based in % defeated.

“All attacks I think.”

“No I get that.”


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I recall some events being full points for 70+% (and no points for less than 70%), and others being tied directly to the % (so full points only for 100% but also some points for low%, just less)

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I always got full points for 70% + in any event. But in some events, less than 70% gives points and gives 0 for some events

There is one event, maybe the mini-assault (or whatever it is called, the one where you get points based on your dragon power vs. base power) that we haven’t seen in awhile but I can’t remember, that specifies in the rules that you need 100%, so I check the rules before each event to see if it’s ok to quit past 70%.

Worse yet, it gets abused by people spamming 0% attacks to get points in the last 20 min basically, or is this working as intended? @PGJared

No joke…watched a guy quit at 0% 12 times in a row in the last 20 min trying to win a round because it is essentially buying points lol

Now that’s taking spend to win to the next level! :joy:

That can only happen in your league imo :rofl:
Interesting observation though. Do megacoin, get 50% points. Too easy for a hacker or Whale


Well as an impreasons a display as it is. Was this the intended use?:thinking:

Not to my knowledge, but I’m not the feature designer. That said, it’s definitely something I’m discussing with the team.

Thanks. Curious to see what they come back with.