Change to PvP points to benefit EVERYONE

DISCLAIMER!! I’m not trying to make it easier for lower levels to make points. That is what other past authors cared about.

I want to fix the fact that people are torn between attacking someone in an event who helps themselves or their teams! Currently attacking the same level on two different teams can result in very different scores.

Another comment please stop saying you don’t support this idea because the second bullet encourages sandbagging because it’s exactly the same as the current system. So it isn’t a good reason to disagree.

I think that you should get the same points for attacking your level in an event (or the closest level to your level) in EVERY team. Having the points based on the highest player in each team isn’t a fair method, and it creates problems because sometimes you are torn between doing what helps you or what helps the team.

I will list out examples of how this will work.

  • A level 120 attacks a level 120. They get 100 points. A level 80 attacks a level 80 and also gets 100 points.
  • The highest player on the opposing team is lower than you. You get 100 points for attacking them. Then it scales accordingly down as if you were the same level as their highest level.
  • Attacking above your level will result in more than 100 points. The higher you hit, the more points you can earn.

An additional option:

The higher your level gets, the more “base points” you receive for attacking someone at your level. I think it would be good to discuss the best scaling for this. The easiest route would be to say that your base points will equal your level (level 120 gets 120 points for attacking a level 120. Level 80 gets 80 points for attacking a level 80), but that can get really unfair to the very low levels.

Adding this can help balance out the fact that while a level 120 and 80 may fly equally well, the 120 is killing a harder base.

Please let me know your comments and ideas! I’ve seen others post about this topic. Usually it is lower levels who come up with a complicated idea that helps lower levels and hurts higher levels (sorry, but it’s true :see_no_evil:). I hope this one will benefit both higher and lower levels as well as being simple.

Additions made after feedback

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No. Low levels have trouble in higher Leagues. This is as it should be. If they want easy fights then drop down a few leagues.


I think you’d have to remove the ability to have larger players back you up. You could ask for some logic that backup can’t be larger than you or something I suppose.

I don’t think it could scale infinitely (like exceed 120 or whatever the max is) or PG would have to change prize scaling to adjust. Some PVP events like CTW give more points to members of teams controlling more land so not sure how to handle that.

Right now it seems some fixed value is divided up over the members of a team because some teams have lower members who give more points than others don’t they?

I would love to not have to back every lower level player on my team in every event as it’s tedious enough to do these events but I think part of the original intent was to “encourage” team play by getting backup.

As GB typed as I was rambling, part of the problem is that the lower level folks might not belong in the league they are in or need to accept what they can get for points?

Not sure the scaling can just be one way. If the hardest base on a team is lower than you, then the current method would work better wouldn’t it?

Just throwing out my thoughts, not passing judgement either way

While I can see an argument being made for some kind of point structure change, I don’t think this is the way to do it. You want more points? Work for it. Know your strengths, don’t outbuild your dragons, improve your flying, yadda yadda all that advice, and you’ll be able to hit higher targets and get the points you want. I’m level 77, and I can often nab 100-115 points per attack. I don’t think that’s too bad.
It’s not meant to be a completely even playing field. Maybe I’m a little harsh, lol, but as @Grumpybigbird said, drop down a few leagues or work harder & level up more for your points.

Absolutely not. Lower Levels don’t deserve to get the same amount of points as someone who spent money or someone who has been playing for years. Just go down a league… how simple. And if a lvl 80 is in sapphire and there are no level 80s to attack?


The lower levels will still have trouble in the higher leagues because there will be less people around their level to hit.

Sorry, but why the new topic? This conversation is exactly the same as my previous one, only you have made a modification in your suggestion, which would be better if it was applied to contrast My suggestion. We should be working together to find a solution. Disappointed

sometimes it gets things blurred or lost to discuss two different (yet similar) proposals in the same thread. I wouldn’t take it personally.

Initially, I liked the idea that bases should have a fixed value based on level. For example, all level 200 bases are worth the same regardless of which team they are on, etc…
The problem with that is you are penalizing stronger teams. Stronger teams would end up being worth more points so they would be attacked more and they would lose more points.
That’s another problem with many of these proposed ideas. It ends up with the teams having an imbalanced amount of points. How do you even balance them when the point value changes depending on the level of the attacker?? I think it’s a nice idea but it would be a nightmare for PG to implement


This right here encourages sandbagging. Sorry. No.

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That is why I also suggested scaling the “base points” based on your level. If there is a level 80 in Sapphire, and there are no other people they can attack, then they are in the wrong league.

For events like CTW, they would still use the same multipliers I would think.

I’m not sure how they decide on points now except that the highest level in each team gives the same points regardless of their level, and all levels undernearth gradually decrease in points.

Why would you need to make a rule about backup? They don’t have one now, and people can get better points with backup the way it currently is. If you did want to have that though, maybe have each member of a team get an allotted number of assists they can give a day/round?

The things that bothers me aren’t actually that lower level players get less points. It’s mostly that you can be torn between doing what helps you or what helps your team. You attack the same level in two teams and can get very different scores for both attacks.

If someone wants more points they should have to work hard for it, I agree. If there aren’t people around your level in your league, or enough that you can get decent points, you are in too high of a league and you need to drop down.

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So it’s possible for most players to get >100 points but 100 is the max for players who are the same size or bigger than the biggest on the target team? Penalizing players for their size, and therefore, money spent, is probably a very poor idea. I guess I’m with the “if you want more points, grow or learn to fly better” crowd

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I told you in your post that I was going to make a separate post, so our two ideas don’t get mixed up because they are in the same thread. Which is what Flak said, thanks @FLAKnIceHole!

This is the problem. How do u determine if they are in the wrong league. For instance, if a groups of 5 level 30s go to several teams in sapphire then they can attack each other and do well

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Yes, teams with more high levels would have more points they could lose. They could add a curve to the points, so that the further away from your level the player is the less the increase in points is, or add a cap at some point. In order for someone to bank on their high levels, they would also have to be a high level which means you can also attack them back for points too.

The part you highlighted is no different than the current system, so it is not a good reason to be against my idea.

The challenge with events isn’t how points are scored.

I’m tired of hearing how scoring points should be more fair across all levels. Seriously, there are more interesting things to improve in this game.

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Thanks for mentioning this problem! I’m trying to figure out how to word my idea, so I apologize if it is difficult to follow. They could put a cap for where you no longer have to attack your level or higher to get your “base points”. I’ll try an example.

Say that the highest level is 500. For ease, we will say that level 450 players have a “base point” of 250. If they put the cap I’m trying to explain at 400, then the level 450 player would get 250 points for attacking the 400. Also, their “base point” will continue to increase with their level, so they will continue to be able to get more points as they grow.