Changed to game or fixes of long existing issues

I for one would appreciate if PG took the time to fix the numerous issues that exist within game before making additional changes such as the upcoming addition of a different currency to Atlas.

Issues need to be fixed before making changes to the game. Especially when PG can’t even fix the group chat invite that pops up every time you log on. Chat had been around for ever so there is no excuse for it not being fixed in a timely manner.

Anyways fix all the bugs, glitches and issues before implementing any more changes since they always come with new issues. Have never seen an update released without it causing a new issue…

  • 1 . Fix the game before changing or adding content
    1. Keep adding content and haphazardly fix issues whenever

The poll didn’t work :sweat_smile: :t_rex:

I still can’t quite get over the fact that he has bullet points on top of the numberd list :joy: You do one or the other, not both :rofl:


Agree, that just makes me cringe :smiling_imp::rofl::joy:

Point isn’t my stupid mistakes and not knowing how pull works.

It was fixing the errors that exist before adding or making new changes to content.

Guess I am wasting my time if your focus isn’t on the question…

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The people who work on Atlas aren’t the people who fix bugs.

The people who create new content aren’t the people who fix bugs.

They have people working on bugs (be it less than I’d personally like).

No new content = less cash inflow from whales = can’t keep up = can’t fix bugs.


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