Changes in events

Team Gauntlet was adjusted some time ago so that the PvE bases appeared appropriate for the league in which their own team was located. I think changing again on this would not be a bad thing.
In addition, an implementation of the RAID function for the PvE bases would also be worth considering.
As with Temple RAID, the bases could also be set up and scored differently.

Speaking of Temple RAID: In my opinion, a further adjustment would be necessary here, as far as the strength of the PvE bases is concerned, as well as an expansion of the existing levels at the end of a temple.
I mean, Harbinger - seriously? There are seven more evolutionary stages!
If an adjustment is made (based on the levels), an expansion of the rank rewards will probably also be necessary.


Stop trying to change the good events.


The meta has not progressed enough for smaller players to compete beyond harbinger moving beyond that would just be making the event for near game and end game only :man_shrugging:

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I’m sorry, but this is a stupid comment.


Nvm, I thought you meant as it is now. Disregard lol

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But there would also be an expansion of the rank rewards, i.e. more prizes (at least according to my suggestion).

So your suggesting more rewards for lower tiers :+1:
But they won’t be able to compete at the higher levels of the event…… so no competitive play unless you have access to those higher tiers?

No, I suggest that there are further rewards, e.g. that there is another rank reward for 900k points, the next one for 1.3 million and so on.

Ok so the top scores more points and gets more prizes :man_shrugging:
And the top gets further ahead and the rest of the player base doesn’t need bother being competitive because they can’t compete with dragons they don’t even have……

And the prizes added will drive near end game and end game players to score even higher so how does this allow the entire player base to feel like they can actually compete?


I think the game needs to have a CASUAL and HARDCORE mode, because honestly the majority of these threads are from vocal minorities arguing for the game to better support THEIR preferred playing style. There’s no actual problem here.

CASUAL MODE - your base will never be attacked, your team will never be warred, your castle will never be sniped - instead of sigils you earn cute cat pictures, and every event has a passive/idle/auto/raid function

HARDCORE MODE - you fight WARS with your DRAGONS that require effort and tactics. You will win big and lose big. Godspeed.

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Only issue I see with that immediately is I can exploit that without major changes to the map…… lol
Suddenly half the maps castles go into causal mode…. :crazy_face:

Except access :face_with_monocle:which could not be put into casual mode I suppose?
Well unless we make the map open access or causal mode castles will be like a free zone?

Would they grey out and piracy will be free to attack the next gate or castles in the next region which will drive more teams behind those now causal gates to leave their holdings in casual mode as well ………so how would we make it so it can not be exploited?

Players with ambition and discipline can still keep up - and otherwise there is still € / $ / £ / ¥ and so on.

I hope this is a joke…

I don’t count myself in this minority because I probably play longer than you (yes, I can still do that with Elite).

I don’t know what you mean by the last post. But let me put it this way: A new atlas map would be interesting, even if it changes regularly (every season).
You could certainly use the Atlas ranking to calculate which team is going where. Good teams are assigned good castles, bad teams bad castles (in terms of castle level).

And since the “elite clubs” demand more action, the high castles could become access castles and not 1,596 jumps from the next access castle (irony - this refers to castles located very deep inland), so that these “clubs” also "get their action“ that they demand so vehemently.

And the mountain new players see that has to be climbed when they enter the map it just grows and players begin playing and then see that mountain and just walk away ……

And that’s already a big issue with this game and it already takes years to catch up how does this make and allow competitive play that supports the long term health of our game ?

And how would you accomplish this ?

And it’s never a good idea to assume you know how long someone has been playing……:wink:
Just some good advice for the future :+1::facepunch::sunglasses:

I’ve been here almost 7 years and dooms been here almost as long as me …… hmmmm :thinking:

Hey guys, I got a great idea. PG is actually making the game better, so let’s go and screw it up by doing x, y, and z. Great idea right guys? Huh? Yeah? Let’s do it!

If PG wanted your opinion, they would have given it to you AND you would have gladly paid for it!

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They paid to have this forum put up :man_shrugging::wink:

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Thought the cute cat pictures quip made that obvious…

I am one of the first patients here (see wink with the fence post, Elite).

Why else should there be an area called “Suggestion” in the forum? :thinking:

There is absolutely no way you are trying to make Team Gaultnet easier. I mean, cmon, the highest DP you’re facing (aside from other teams) is a Gustav 1M invader base. What could be easier to take?
I said this before and I will say it again, if any event needs to be changed/get rid of, its Fight Pits.

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And now the topic is kept silent…

By “kept silent” you mean pretty much everyone thinks it a dumb idea not worth commenting on?

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