Changes to Atlas map layout to follow the concept of a real life map of a city

Any team who own castles hate pirate teams. They can be annoying and painfully tiring. This would be my suggestion which would not hurt any team and would really even out the playing field in Atlas. Few changes need to be required.

  1. The Atlas map should be like an actual map in real life. Consider the lands like houses. If there’s a house, there should be a road leading to it. Doesn’t make sense to have a house with no roads to access the house. Does it? That will automatically ensure that every castle is not more than 1 castle deep. If the free form lands are too complicated to put roads in between, then consider like how major cities around the world have the roads between buildings. Example: Manhattan, New York City where buildings are in square blocks with streets running between every block. If the map is based off real life cities, then castles can even be grouped based on their levels. There can be the “Beverly Hills” area where there are only level 5 and level 4 castles; there could be the “suburban” areas with level 4 and level 3 castles; and the “downtown” area where it’s more congested with level 3 and level 2 castles.

  2. Better use of No Man’s Land (NML) castles. Following the real life map concept explained above, the roads leading up to the houses (land plots with castles on it) should be the NML castles. So basically in stead of having the NML zones bordering the edges of the map, the NMLs should be snaking through between the lands. Doesn’t make sense to have the NMLs clumped together like we have now in the center of the map.

  3. The Safe Zone (SZ) castles should be removed from the map where the castles are located. That would become the main island. To avoid hurting the teams who do not own castles, SZ castles can still exist, but on a separate island with only a bunch of SZ land plots. If those teams want to hit castles, they’d have to travel to the island where all the castles are located through landing first at an NML castle. This separate SZ island could have their own NMLs where the teams can meet to attack each other for glory without having to travel far to the main island. Example: The main island could be Manhattan and the SZ island could be Staten Island.

  4. The map should use the land space better. There are some lands in the northern hemisphere where the castles are situated too close to the border that you could hardly see whether if there is a path connecting the castle with NML castle. For example, there are square land plots with 4 castles at each corner with vast empty space in the middle. That’s just poor use of space. There should be a minimum distance between castles and the connecting NML to allow players to visibly make out the connector path. That would also mean any primarch entering the castle would travel over more or less equal distance.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. If anyone agree the changes above would improve the Atlas gameplay, please like it so that it gets PG’s attention.

I have other suggestions for the game as well, which I will post separately. Please stay tuned.


Or you could just learn how to countersnipe.


Great idea! Sounds like a lot of fun and a solution to a lot of current issues. Thanks for sharing!


how do you countersnipe if its a pirate team…?

Do you understand what counter-sniping is?


You attack their prim while they’re at your castle.


Super idea! To make it better add something that will generate pg more money as this is their only goal lately.

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Good effort trying, but this game is getting boring each day so not exciting at all

I thought only bad teams got bullied by pirates

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Then why did they hit me :cry:

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this is true, but you have to look at it this way:

Many pirate teams want to be pirates because they hate owning castles. It’s a pain in the you know what to deal with 24 hour attacks for a week straight. The more castles you have, the higher the stress.

So many teams have said “screw it”, let’s sandbag and go pirate.

New teams added to Atlas obviously are forced into the pirate life. For them it’s a different issue. It’s too hard to take your fist castle.

To help them, castle conquers need to be easier. But that goes back to making life stressful for teams that already own castles as they would be further stressed out and would lead to more burn out and thus more teams going pirate.

It’s a catch-22.

People preach “more access” and then you get people talking leadership “burnout” with all the babysitting you have to do.

Revamping atlas really boils down to bonuses. There needs to be a way for people to lose castles and still maintain their bonuses (maybe a slow degrade over time?). And yet when people win castles they also get new bonuses.

This way people are less afraid to lose a castle and turnover can increase.

I don’t have a solid plan on how that would work exactly, so perhaps it’s not helpful.


I agree with you that castle conquers should be easier. In that sense, may be the game can somehow limit the support from alliances and the teams. For example, teams can only assist other teams’ castles when they’re in the same tier leagues. Like Diamond teams can only assist other Diamond teams and so on…

What’s making castle conquers so difficult is the large alliance teams assisting defense. Another option would be to limit only the 5TA teams can assist defending each other castles. There could be a trigger, like wars, that when a castle is under siege, the castle can go into a lockdown and only the castle owners’ 5TA teams can enter the castle. The trigger could be the when the shield is triggered. That would also force the castle to go into cool down immediately and lockdown starts. Like in real life back in those days, how do people siege a castle? You march up to the castle with large troops. So if teams are planning to conquer a castle, they’d have to gather their troops and coordinate the siege for all their prims to arrive at the castle before the lockdown (instead of shield) is activated.

In fact, this may be a good idea. To replace the shield with lockdown. The lockdown could be shorter period too instead of 24hrs, can be 6hrs for the 5TA to clear the castle. After lockdown ends, the castle is reset and open again for another siege.

Thanks for the feedback :+1:

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While i do really like the idea of a concentrated siege. I believe it would require some sort of “cooldown” feature as well. To continue using some of your idea. Put it in lockdown for 6 hours where only the attacking TA and the Defending TA can enter/exit the castle. Once the Attacking or Defending TA is cleared/castle defended or captured successfully the castle would enter a cooldown period. The following 24 hours the castle would be safe from attack/lockdown. To ensure that a team has proper time to reset defenses before another team can siege the castle (similar to the current shield function.)

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Didn’t we just reduce blockade times ? To allow for attacking past gates and how would adding another blockade help?lol sorry you can’t make castles immune to attacking and expect turnover lol
While a solid suggestion to reduce burden of play it supports stagnation lol
I’ll just keep pointing out the two are in equilibrium until we all realize it’s the castles themselves creating all the issues lol :balance_scale:

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Yrs, but that was a stupid change - far too severe a reduction.

Exactly! It was extreme and we’re playing tug a war with our secondary mechanics!

And no amount of back and forth will balance this mess and even if we manage to achieve some semblance of balance it will simply still end in stagnation or what chess calls a draw as long as the goal of this map is to acquire multiple defense positions! :man_shrugging:

I mean, while pirates are annoying, your thought comparing ownership with stress is valid. Perhaps make the entire castle acquisition front a matter of purchase? Like with gold maybe? I’m not a fan of adding something that would be a gimme to PG for money but at the same time, it seems all conquers now are prearranged and negotiated. Every time a team attempts a hostile takeover (for lack of better expression), the whole thing goes south and into a honey hole of gp chaos. It’s like aligane 3.0 over and over. Let’s not even get into the lag that such activity causes. Makes the game really fun. Sorry. That thought went south quick. Anyway…castles like real estate perhaps? Just a thought. Cheers.

Dope idea. PG, are you listening? Look a logical idea…please give it a shot. Lol.

Wardragons 2… write your own code so it’s not as…crap. make the whales spend again. Attract new players bc “it’s a sequel so it must be good”

Sounds like a great idea :money_mouth_face:

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I like that, but 6 hours will always favor the team with players In a convenient time zone.