Changes to blocking and mail to prevent stalking

People are using mail and block feature to keep tabs on others, and it really needs to be stopped. I think that once you block a user, you should not be able to access their player information, and you should not be able to see any username changes. I also think mail in sent and received should automatically delete after a certain timeframe (maybe 72 hours or 1 week). The amount of bullying behaviors in this game is unparalleled, as anyone who doesn’t like you can keep tabs on you regardless of what you do to try to get away from them.


Hm… knowing what the responses will be, I’ll go ahead and give my unpopular opinion and agree with OP.
I have dealt with this issue before on a severe level, and I’m not usually one to believe that “bullying” takes place in this game through mechanics, but it does Through this one. That’s all i will say. :slightly_smiling_face:
I personally don’t care much what is done to me, but it’s definitely something I have seen be used Against other players in a very negative way. Like OP said, the fact that there is no way to get away from it, is the problem.


If you are blocking another player its probably because they are bothering you. So why shouldn’t the blocker be allowed to see the “blockee” unless to turn the tables on the other person. The bullied becoming the bully maybe? Since you can unblock a player, not sure what the point of OP is.

As for the auto delete of messages, does that not exist already? I’m pretty sure I can’t find messages I left alone weeks ago anymore and jus assumed there is already an auto delete feature.

I think the biggest issue is that wether you block them or not , they still know what team your on or what your username is. Bullying doesn’t stop once you can’t communicate with the victim anymore. There’s many other ways to mess with the same person without talking to them by being able to access their information.
To clarify, when I say bullying I’m not using the term lightly. I’ve seen some hardcore bullying on this game through the mailing system, and being able to have the information to know where the “victim” is no matter what. It’s easy to block hate mail if it gets too much, but there’s more things that follow after that as well, and there’s no way to fix it.

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The problem with blocking in this game is once you are bookmarked and if they have contacted you, the only thing blocking does is basically mute the blocked player so you don’t see them, it does not block them from the stupid stuff they do once they bookmark you or emailed you.

Changing IGN if they have had no contact and blocking helps but if they have contacted you through email to block you there is no getting away from the torment some users resort to.

There is a guy on forum who has bookmarked me and his only reason to hit me is when he doesn’t like my comments on forum, which is pretty petty, I don’t care and ignore but there are times another player can make the game experience so miserable one wants to quit game.

Sad part is there are a lot of immature people on this game who get all bent out of shape if you attack their base doing an egg run that they waste all their energy hitting you back a gazillion times cause how dare you hit their base for an egg run.

I have seen team members hit for days and nasty comments with threats coming across email, and when blocked the person coninues to attack.

I know nothing will be done, but a block should be full block both ways to stop some of the bullying that goes on.


Blocking someone is a way to always know where a person is.

For example, we had an officer on our team who had a falling out with us. I blocked him. Then I bookmarked him. He changed his name to stop my daily attacks and switched teams. I went to my nice “Blocked” list, and there he was. His new name and I found him.

I like keeping my email box empty, so this way works better.

I’ve seen people keep tabs on other players as they move from team to team, username to username to get away from the drama and play in peace , and each time the same people spread many lies and attempt to get them kicked off their team, or try to humiliate them in LC.
When I say humiliate , I don’t mean competitive banter, I mean full on dialogue meant to hurt somebody, or cause negative actions to be done against them.
It really is awful. It’s odd discussing this imo, because I feel like people view it as silly , or anyone who agrees is a cry baby or whatever, but this truly is a problem, it really ruins the game experience.
I would really like to know what @Arelyna thinks of this. Any feedback would be awesome :grin:
What is said by awful people isn’t the problem. It’s that there are no game mechanics to protect players from being stalked and from someone continuously out to ruin their game experience.


If someone is sending nasty things, block them.

If someone is sending nasty things, report them.

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It’s more than just that… I feel like you missed the entire point of the thread… the things people are saying isn’t the issue, it’s the fact that someone with ill intentions towards another player can keep tabs on them at all times through the mailing system , and even if u block them.

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But removing my ability to keep mail will just mean I block people I want to track, which is a more consistent way of tracking people anyway :woman_shrugging:

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I want to be very clear on this:
I opened this thread on behalf of someone else. That’s how bad it is. Afraid to even post on the forums. Also, she reported everything plus opened a support ticket and sent in screenshots. As of now, nothing has changed. But my point remains the same: people abuse the blocking and mailing system to keep tabs on others. So imo, mail in sent and received folders should expire and automatically delete, and block lists should only show the username of the person at the time they were blocked, with no option to view their present player information.


Which is why we are recommending that the ability to track through blocking and mail be removed or modified so that it can’t happen at all…
Nobody should have to be under constant torment from players that have it out for them. You won’t truly understand what it’s like until it happens to you. This isn’t a “they insulted me and that’s bullying” argument, this is on a whole nother level of bullying that I hope majority of the people won’t ever have to experience :woman_shrugging:t2: There should always be a way to separate from past drama and move on with the game in peace. If not, the only other option is to quit , and nobody should have to choose that as an option to solve the problem.
This game is meant to be enjoyable.


Push the ticket harder?

All I learned from this thread is how to track people better.


Tell your friend to PM @Arelyna or @Crisis on the forums with the ticket numbers if this bullying is so bad and support is not providing adequate help to deal with the issue.

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Off question but relatable (just because I’m wondering), if you block another player in the main game, are they too blocked in Atlas or not :thinking:?

Isn’t blocking just a pm thing?

Blocking only works to block the messages that come through PM.It does nothing else. In fact if months later you unblock them if they sent any messages they will show up if you unblock. It does nothing else. It is basically a mute button.


Not really, if I’m not mistaken blocking a player in game will also stop you from seeing any attacks from the blocked person including the messages thru email and chat. But I could be wrong, I had used the feature only once I think and it’s been a long time :thinking:.

Passed on the message about sending PM with ticket info. Friend’s response:

“I don’t want (username) banned or anything. I just want to be able to play in peace. The best thing that can come of this isn’t one person losing years of work by being banned, it’s raising awareness so that this can’t happen to anyone else ever again. Modifying mail and block is the only way to do that. Besides, if (username) suddenly gets banned, all that will happen is a whole host of friends and teammates coming after me instead.”

I agree with that. The only longterm solution is modifications being made. :woman_shrugging:t6: