Changes to mythic dragons

@PGGalileo, I urge you to get feedback from CF and GPF to make sure the mythics this season work as intended and are strong enough.

Many players make decisions before the first two weeks before the discount period ends, so if all changes (if needed) are at least announced, players can make an educated guess.

Please let it not be like previous seasons where you change dragons mid-season.
edit: Players spend time and money to play so if the best dragons available are changed, it’s potentially a punch in the face to us.

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It’s literally like 3 days into the season and people have already decided that mythics will get changes? Come on… most people don’t even have the mythics yet, and I doubt even more that those that did get them have learned to properly fly the dragons yet.


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It is why they should get opinions as much as possible in these first two weeks and check if everything is good. I am not saying anything needs buffs/nerfs, but pls don’t change it mid-season is all.


First two weeks? You realise most people start getting mythics like… Week 4-5 onwards, right? And that’s probably generous - people that get mythics in the first 2 weeks are in the minority, do you really want opinions to be based off of the minority?


The minority is community selected, GPF and CF. They should know if the dragon needs changing.

I wasn’t talking about GPF and CF - I was talking about actual people getting the mythics.

Edit: In any ‘experiment’, you’re told to take a large sample size for a reason. Small sample sizes may end up showing outliers you’re unaware of unless you take a larger sample size. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not dissing GPF or CF (I’m sure they do a great job of testing dragons to the best of their capabilities), I’m not dissing anyone, really, I’m just saying that there are varying skill levels that will give very different feedback, and it’s way too early for such feedback in the first two weeks.


They do get those mythics at week 1.

  1. Have a survey and see for potential changes. We do know the spells.
  2. Use shrine for mythic testing.

I am sure there are enough people in CF and GPF to get an initial impression of the mythic dragons and act upon.

The changes last season happened almost at the end!
I wouldn’t like that. I see if the season is good enough for me to skip/get mythic.
If they change at the end, whats the point of releasing limited dragons?

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The CF are posting their opinions in their channels cause they have dragons borrowed for two weeks of testing , so make sure to check them .

oh and please don’t change thread’s post after posting it . i can swear i read you saying " hunter is capable enough" and then u deleted it .


Knowing the spells alone is not enough, things can look good on paper but be completely different in testing.

This wouldn’t be a bad idea, they did it during Namaka season.

Once again, more people need to actually get the mythics, and learn to fly them before determining that it needs changes.

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Whilst I agree to an extent, I understand after a long time playing that PG utilises the best test base available. And that is its players. I also understand how difficult it is to get a dragon completely balanced for every tier available as there is not just one base type, but a plethora. Micro, small, long, dozens of possible tower placements etc etc. So i do appreciate that after release it may be apparent that certain dragons and spells may need to be tweaked.

What I dont agree with is the length of time it takes to fix said dragons. Especially for end game players, and no thats not me being elitist by saying onky end gane matters. What I am saying is that when a new tier is released a nythic has a shelf life of 26 weeks, the following season the mythic has a shelf life of 13 weeks. And thats if you get the mythic in week 1, which I certainly don’t.
Take LJ for instance, shelf life of 26 weeks, it took week 13 for him to be fixed. Thats half of his shelf life for end gane players gone.

Whilst I apreciate PG are very busy, they shoukd have dedicated time left available for new dragon releases. If they utilise the players as testers like they do, then they need to be much faster in reacting.

There coukd be a feature of the game added that is used to submit videos. Whether thats in game or forums im not sure whats best to utilise.

There could be sub sections added for the different tiers all the way from gold to the last stone ( currently verdant). Videos only submitted if players feel they are overpowered or underwhelming.


That wasn’t the aim of this thread so I deleted my personal impressions.

Yep that happened in the last few seasons and nothing happened. Do you actually like changes in the end?

Edit: What is the purpose of edit button then? People are free to choose what to post and what to edit.

It’s only the water dragon guys. Move along


Unfortunetely, by using the player base as testers, after 2 weeks its most probable. Generally speaking, the majority if the players that have them in 2 weeks are whales. Whales don’t all know how to fly. Look at LJ last season for instance, everyone was crying for a buff for him when he didn’t need one. I was one of the only voices that kept saying he doesn’t need a buff, just needs People to learn to fly him. It took untill around week 8 for people to actually realise how good he is.

Additionally, generally speaking, the players that get mythics in week 2 are end game players. Wheras a dragon needs testing at every tier level.

Now whilst I am sounding almost contradictory to what I said about shelf life of dragons, it is almost impossible to know if a dragon needs buffing or nerfing within 2 weeks what I am saying is once its apparent a dragon needs sorting out. Pg needs to act straight away. Not dragging their heels and delaying it even further whilst working on things that players actually don’t want to begin with.


Ill tell you why. Because people that try and read the thread cannot follow it properly. Like my last comment. They have no idea what I am replying to since you edited or deleted the post.


For reference, it was Ryuu asking for PG to refrain from changing dragons after the first 2 weeks. :woman_shrugging:t3:


This is a problem, if not for anyone else, it certainly is for me. I am a strict e2p and don’t spend a lot of time grinding. I can’t get a mythic every season. I can only look at initial videos from CF and decide whether to shoot for one. By the end, I use a lot of RSS to get one.

Now, If it gets Nerfed when I am trying to obtain one or buffed when I skip a season, how would that feel.

While I agree that editing might make a post hard to follow, it is still in my freedom to do so. If I find what I said isn’t to my liking, I edit/delete it.

yeah I can imagine a funny scenario .

You decide to address an issue that might super important .

I reply : I agree

and then you decide to change the content : WHO WANTS RAINBOW STONES FOR MERKT

and a people who will read the thread will see eff agreeing to rainbow stones for merkt , and most will think I am trolling or went nutz


I never suggested otherwise. I merely stated the reason why. I will also state that if players continue to edit or remove posts I reply to, I stop replying. Nothing personal or against you, its just what I do. It infuriates me when I try and read a post that I can not follow due to this.


I agree 100 percent. (“Don’t change it to who wants rainbow stones for merkt?” Please.

I am also strict e2p. But, I will, normally try and wait till the end of seqson to claim a mythic. I do always get 1 mythic every season so perhaps its easier for me. Last season I shot for both as there were 3 disvount lines.

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