Changes to Platinum Chest Drops

Hi all,

For Platinum Chests, we are changing the Mythic Drops to improve their overall value:

  • We are removing Ice Shards, Fire Shards, and Black Pearls from the Mythic Drops.
  • We are adding Electrum Bars in the Mythic Drops. Each drop will have 18,000 Electrum Bars.
  • Nothing else but the mythic drops will be changed starting during the Fort event tomorrow.

Cheers, all!


One word: timers




Timers are already a good drop in platinum chests compared to golds.

Current drops based on fort as timer drops are best in fort for golds.


Of course I will get the new data put into the chest drops sheet as soon as I get the info after release.


yes, but I already have 1 billion electrum. need 1 billion timers.


I like it. There may be a few turret fans who are less excited. Perhaps a good next step would be to merge the ice/fire shards and pearls with some other currency as someone suggested, like elemental embers.


Found the wrong thread to troll dude , this is a decent change for the long haul


not trolling. its a fact (except for the billion part).

You know anyone else my level taking tower line every event just for timers? I looked, I have 274K electrum. I will quite literally never use it all.

Great change! Electrum bars finally available in chests :partying_face:


I’m sitting on 25k bars atm and I’ve claimed every single tower line to ever come out - pretty happy with the change

Sucks it doesn’t benefit you, but that doesn’t mean that it’s a crappy change


Didn’t say it was a crappy change. just said I need more timers

Some good places to get timers are:

Atlas events/seasonal branches
Tower branch in main season
Wave 2 dragon branches in main season (Barnov this time)
Draconics (from reclaimable nodes in festive)
Wave 2 rider repeatable nodes (Dr Zosha)


This change is satisfactory.

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Won’t be a substantial change for me, but a change in the right direction, nonetheless!

Sitting on 437k elemental, 249k electrum, and over 4000 days of timers. I don’t see myself running out anytime in the future. The only thing that’s holding me back is breeding :sweat_smile:

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Im not excited. In one out of four events we get a mythical ice turret glyph. Now we wont get ice shards … That makes ice/ fire turret even more expensive tower taking to consideration how many chests we need to open to build one full tower. Now will be 4200 gold chests.

If ice and fire turrets are useless let us build it only for lumber.


Oh my sweet summer child, build up 1 electrum tower and see how fast that amount drops. I have claimed every electrum line they have put out and Im still short for building a 4th tower (2 howitzers, 1 oreo and either 2md oreo or new tower). It’ll take what I get from the line tomorrow and almost all of what I have left

This is at least nice but it also doesnt do much given how few mythic drops there are in a sequence and how overpriced platinum chests are. It would be nice to see the xp boosts in the draconic chests replaced with electrums and also the legendary ice/fire/pearl drops in platinums

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I would love to if you want to front me about 20 years of timers :slight_smile:

So just to be clear, electrum bars are only available in mythic platinum chest drops, and not in gold chests, or any legendary drops?

Wonderful change. Excellent.

Yes mythic drops only in plat chests , while the legendary drops and etc stay the same .