Changes to Platinum Chest Drops

Does this mean the new tower is going to use Electrum bars? Beside that, really like the changes.

Very happy with this change.

Now we just need someone to do an analysis if opening gold chests with rubies is even worth it anymore?

Also curious if this was done to appease certain teams that recently disbanded? I wonder what other changes are in store??? :thinking:

Legitimately, does anyone use fire turrets anymore? Like, big boy/well-made bases***? Would be interested to see a poll of that. It seems everyone hates them. (Myself included as they fire so flipping slow.) Can’t they just be adjusted so they’re actually worth something?

(***Not talking about when you’re little and they’re stepping stones.)

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They are not saying that . But better wait for the tower announcement thread

Well, people use them. It’s just that it’s a crappy tower and there are MUCH better alternatives. But we have to do something to suit different play styles. It’s not like many people will even bother with turrets if they’re free. The costs of higher level turrets is simply insane and unsustainable.

I don’t use them and never will, but the costs should be reduced at the minimum.


Things are starting to get too far off topic. Suggestions for adjusting old towers can go to #suggestions . If people don’t know how to get ice/fire fragments, they can ask elsewhere as well, even though those topics have been covered various times in general and help. :thinking: and this thread cough

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Definitely - gold chests will always have the pro of being the most reliable chest in terms of drops due to comparably short sequences - and for example, if you’re going for egg tokens, you’re best off opening golds over any other chest

Example, for 24k rubies, each chest gives:

Platinums: 4876 tokens

Draconics: 9815 tokens

Golds: 10727 tokens (during pvp)


I have 20 years of timers and I’m pretty much out of electrum. I think you might just need to pick your resources more wisely, there are pretty good timers out there.


Works for me. Pearls have been a waste for the last half dozen seasons.

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Well your arguments follow statistics- which is rational and understandable.

My arguments simply follow my base layout and my needs and this change affects me negatively.
I wonder why this is hard to understand?

Also I personally find the logic of some posts here questionable: because it’s hard to maintain this type of tower at high level with shards we remove them completely? Really?

Anyways, no need to argue - what’s done is done and I respect if the majority of players are affected positively. I’m affected in a negative way by this change!

One idea: make ice and fire shards available in trading post (preferably for pearls)


Absolutely love this change, but then that’s hardly going to be a surprise I think. The amount of electrum is also solid.


I’m trying to open your eyes to the fact that there are better (and cheaper) ways to obtain the resources you need for your turrets, for your own good so you can upkeep them better

But I also wholeheartedly agree that turrets are very expensive and almost impossible to upkeep - I just think that it’s a separate issue that needs a different solution of cutting down the cost itself

If the cost is cut down, I think the plat chest change won’t be as painful to you :slight_smile:


Draconics might be a better option for you?


I dont agree. Change of platinum chests drop on one side i very good, we need electrum bars, but also it makes ice/fire turrets harder to upgrade. Thats why we write about it in that topic. Both things are connected.


I would venture they followed through with this in adherence to what a vast majority of the player base has proposed for a long time. Numerous players across the game and throughout the forums have grumbled about fire and ice turret shards, and how useless to them they are. (This is combined with black pearls.) I would venture that this is them listening to those complaints, and changing things accordingly.

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Okay, better wording would be ‘I think it’s a significant enough issue that’s deserving of its own topic’


I agree with the removal of the fire & ice shards but not the black pearls. I’m happy to see another way to get electrum bars. What about adding in the charges for the orrery? So we have another option other than the orrery seasonal line.

Not to mention the prolific strategy of using ice/fire turrets as fodder towers to build new electrum towers.

While it doesn’t help my ice turret level itself :sob: I applaud this change and am happy to see steps of balance coming into the economy. Turrets are outdated and it is far more relevant to the meta that players have more freedom accessing electrum.

Thanks to all involved for their input and getting it over the line.


This is a great change. I’ve needed electrum so bad I was building fire/ice turrets to merge material to skip electrum levels on other towers.

The problem regarding turret shards lies mostly in the fact that turrets are absurdly expensive to build. Most people aren’t building them, so for most people having more of those drops sucks, then on the flip side for those who are building them they’re in a tough spot because the cost is crazy so they feel they need more drops wherever they can get them.

At this point they need to slash the shard cost of turrets by like 50% of what it is now, zero reason for them to be as costly as they are.

But to reiterate, great change. Electrum is much more of a need.


I think it probably has more to do with a player’s current level.