Changes to PVP Downtime and Castle Defense

We are making some updates to the way that attacking troops stored in the castle will work. While waiting for these updates we will be extending the time where PVP is disabled until Thursday afternoon April 12th, PST. It will be re-enabled in app store version 4.21.

  • Teams will be allowed to only have 50 castles owned at any point in time (players with more currently will be able to retain them).
  • Teams can only own a max of 20 castles in level 2 regions and 20 castles in level 3 regions (can have 20 of both at the same time)
  • Players will only be allowed to be the Marshal of at max 1 castle at a time.
  • When attacking a castle in regions level 4-5 the base which must be attacked in the active Marshal’s player base.
  • If a team in a region level 4-5 does not have a Marshal designated then the base will default to the PVE base.
  • When attacking a castle in regions level 2-3 the base which you will attack will be a PVE base which is correlated in strength to your team’s fort level at that castle. This base when attacked will generate a defense banner invite which can be joined for an active defense by the team getting attacked. (You can actively defend the pve base)

PVE Base Strength
Fort Level 1-> Tower Levels 20
Fort Level 2-> Tower Levels 23
Fort Level 3-> Tower Levels 26
Fort Level 4-> Tower Levels 29
Fort Level 5-> Tower Levels 32
Fort Level 6-> Tower Levels 35
Fort Level 7-> Tower Levels 38
Fort Level 8-> Tower Levels 41
Fort Level 9-> Tower Levels 44
Fort Level 10-> Tower Levels 47
Fort Level 11-> Tower Levels 50
Fort Level 12-> Tower Levels 53
Fort Level 13-> Tower Levels 56


Assuming you could Marshal two castles in the current situation, what happens if anything, to existing marshals of more than one castle?

We will run a job sometime after making the change to remove Marshal’s so that they must be re-assigned.


Will this PVE base have base buffs, research, or any other modifier that would make these tower levels closer to normal battle situations?

Can you post a picture of an example AI base?
Will we be able to defend and apply our own supershots?

Yes you will be able to defend and use supershots/items as you normally would.

Lol no point in defending a base full of level 35s​:joy::joy:

So defending a level 5 fort is now a joke… this is exactly what we didn’t want

Fancy seeing you here :nerd_face:

Lol right level 4 and 5 castles weren’t the castles changing hands anyway. They just got fortified more

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35 towers on a max fort on a level 3 land…what are you guys smoking LMAO, a sneeze will destroy a lvl 35 tower, what is the point of even defending LOL


This is an incredibly frustrating read! I like some of the changes but damn, way to f*ck up some other things…:upside_down_face:

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This basically makes level 2-3 castles undefendable and the castle Guards are a complete waste. The only defense one can obtain for such castles are the Primarchs stationed there with a lot of troops.

Or did you at least forgot to mention that upgrading the Fort is possible to max level also for level 2-3 countries, so no level cap applies there anymore like with bank and tower? @pgEcho

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This is awful… just awful… I was starting to really like atlas, and then you guys go and pull this… how are we supposed to defend level 2 and 3 lands? This entire update had so much potential, but instead was made into a joke. I really hope you guys reconsider before you lose a lot of money that goes into atlas…


I asume we can still defend with taunters and rushers, who will get attacked first(?) placing ? In brackets, so correct me if I am wrong

So if I am understanding all this correctly building a strong base means absolutely nothing in Atlas now … wow one more nail in the coffin of this once great game :face_vomiting:

Yes but that means that we will never be able to remove defensive prims from bases. And since those of us with taunters that have over 50k troops can’t summon anything in its place without destroying all our troops we are SOL in that sense unless we want to give pg $100 to OPEN a third prim spot which is absolutely disgusting.

So…are these Forts going to be allowed to go up to 13, a previously unheard-of level, which is still worse than the maxed out bases that will be stationed as Marshalls on the level 4-5 castles that 99% of teams will never own?

Or… are we (level 2-3 castle owners) relegated to a life of level 35 towers on an AI base?

If the second is true, we should stop playing Atlas immediately as any invading team with a platinum or (worst case) sapphire tier warrior or sorcerer dragon will be able to knock out our AI garrison, while it’s defended.


why only 1 castle per marshal ?
some teams did on purpose make 1/2 ppl marshal of all

This is not true. Anyone attacking your primarch still has to attack your actual base. Your primarchs can still be placed in front of a castle to defend it if thats your choice.