Changes to Tower Attack


Dragon Lords,

We recently identified an issue causing certain towers (Fire Flak, Dark Flak, and Fire Turret) to not increase in attack power after around level 40 (they still gained health, but did no additional damage). We released a fix for this issue in 3.90, which we failed to properly communicate in our patch notes. We apologize for this. After releasing this fix it became clear that the >40 towers were not balanced, so we are rolling back the fix while we focus on rebalancing the towers (and possibly dragons).

What this will mean for players is that you will not see any change in attack stats for the above towers if you level them past around level 40, until we get things rebalanced.

UPDATE: This update has been completed, and the towers should be where they were before 3.90

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:scream: it’s worse than we thought! You mean since level 40+ towers were released that they have done no more damage??? OMG I feel for all the whales out there that paid for their level 60s!!


Not trying to be an ass here, but you can tell a difference in attack power between a level 40 Dark Flak and a level 60 Dark Flak.


I think they look different. One comes with gold plating.


If only that was the only problem.


Very clear difference…this is gonna end bad :man_facepalming:t2:.


Well, the very clear difference is being rolled back to the no difference state… for now… but it’s going to rebalanced in the coming days says Jared… so let’s just wait and see, yah?


No-no…there was a difference beforehand. But, sure.


I think a buff would be fine. But maybe not to the degree they rolled out. Also…does that mean people spent 20 levels on their towers and were given nothing?!?


Yes, I’m saying there was a very noticeable difference between level 40 and level 60 Dark Flak towers before the update.


Yeah towers over 40 were definitely gaining power. Maybe not at the intended amounts but they were definitely getting stronger when leveled lol. I think a fix attempt such as this is important enough to put in patch notes though


I think everything was fine before update beside fire turret, ballista, cannon and treb. Also towers were definetly gaining power from 40 to 60, not only health


I have a level 52 Flak while everything else is below 41; I can definitely say my Flak gained power between 40-52. I’ve noticed a huge difference


Did you guys have research done on your towers while you were upgrading your towers though?
not that it would account for a HUGE difference… but who knows :stuck_out_tongue:


We have seen them gain power but I guess they didnt gain as much as they should have.

That being said are the additional 5 levels they were going to roll out because of balance issues going to be cancelled? Probably should, now the dragon rebalance is more important than ever.

Wow, just wow


where does it say that?


@PGJared Can you provide some evidence for this claim?

The community was pretty good about detecting when the developers re-wrote the spell system and “unintentionally” broke certain runes cough revert projectiles cough from enhancing other spells. But, this claim that overall tower damage for those four listed was flat from level 40+ just sounds wrong.

The only plausible situation I can see where both parties are right is that raw damage was capped at level 40, but bonus damage from runes, research and perches was being calculated against the uncapped raw damage. If that is true in any way, those max towers are only doing a quarter or a third of their intended damage? This doesn’t just affect max bases and obsidians, this would also hurt players with platinum and sapphire dragons. The raw attack power increase from level 40 to 45 is no small change for those players.

I’m going to put on my tinfoil hat and wonder if this was accidentally activated before Amethyst dragons were unveiled…lol. :thinking:


40s were for what, sapphire? I wanna see Sekhem lead on 60s after the rollback. Dare.


if you look at amoeba’s site, a dark flak deals 6m each attack while a noctua who’s an expert all without research and boost has 15m should die in 3 hits or 4-5 with boost and research. add the other towers and it should die quicker.

while it is not a 100% accurate on the stats that we see there, if we check it, what they said might be true that it was not gaining any damage after 40.


15.7 million health would be the base of an expert Noctua. You can see a youtube video where a level 58 fire turret removes 50% of the health on a maxed Noctua. I don’t think that worked like that yesterday…