Changes to Tower Attack


noticed the same but thought it was my device not repsonding properly… sometimes (with Necryx) there is a delay till you can shoot again.

Also @PGJared thanks a ton for looking into it.
Unfortunatly I still don´t understand the whole communication.

My understanding is at the Moment: the attack power of Towers above lvl41 is not increasing anymore (Basic attack). Yet as an example dark flak: the super shot at does increase with the level of the Tower.

In other words - is it like this?

  • NORMAL SHOT: Lvl55 Flak does same damage as Lvl41 Flak
  • SUPERSHOT: Lvl55 does the damage it is supposed to do at Lvl55, Lvl41 is the damage it is supposed to do at Lvl41


Mine is definitely not lag. I just had it happen again. I could easily screen record it. I don’t have any recording of a before. I’m not convinced it’s specific to necryx, but I was trying to put my feedback into known context, and I can only say with certainty it is happening on necryx.

I do see something as of 2 ish updates ago where: when there are defenders, sometimes spells that have been cast suddenly are uncast and rage credited back to me. (Usually followed by losing it in a mage super and then my dragon dying with no protection from dark flak). I have been casting elemental barrier sooner which seems to avoid this and suggests to me it is a lag issue.


I’ve always thought the stun mechanic was broken. Screen shakes but doesnt do squat to attacker other than an instant interrupt. The new stun seems to actually stun - aka useful.

Who knows :slight_smile:

Super happy with PGJared’s responses, and love the tone :wink:


Agreed! I’ve played many mobile games and often changes are made without even a hint. Dialogue is usually shutdown and you never really know if anything is intentional or not.

I love the communication and engagement level I’m seeing

FWIW: I think both stun and poison need to be made more relevant. I’d prefer it was done with thought and intent though.


This sounds like a different issue. Please create a separate post and I’ll try to get someone to look into it.

Dark flak Stun effect when flying Necryx

Sort of, but instead of 41 start at 35.


Do you mean 55?


No, 35. The Dark Flak Tower hits the damage cap for normal shots at level 35.

Solutions for Tower Level Bug

Your initial post said 55. Best correct that post then.


Ah, yeah, typo on my part up there. My apologies.


I’m not a program expert, so not sure if such a thing is possible, but it kinda feels like damage per shot that used to be an tower stats has changed to damage per second.

It’s just a feeling, but now it seems like one shot of trebuchet deals more damage than cannons or archers. This is the feeling I get from raiding invaders in atlas.

If the value that is shown in tower stats is now damage per second, that makes complete sense, since treb has lower firing rate, thus more damage per shot.

Also, it makes sense that fire turret is dealing three times more damage too, since it fires only once in three seconds…

Well, just a thought. Not really confident that if such a coding error is likely…


Thank You very much @PGJared !
Already any idea when we might see this corrected?
I’m starting to cry thinking about my 60’s …:cry:


Level 60 flaks are clearly doing way more damage than before. They instantly vaporize Rhyo’s minion in a single shot and two shot an expert Rhyo.


Agree- seeing this too. But this must be supershot


thats what I am trying to figure out…

normal shot seems to be NOT scaling up with towerlevel (but as PGJared said capped at Level35)
Super shot seems to be scaling up - I simply can´t say how (as intended? or too low? or too high?)


and - since when…


I can’t say. There are a lot of discussions and meetings going on right now.


Discuss faster, fix ASAP. And please, learn to branch, tag, merge and rollback changes properly.


I’m sure I and the rest of the PX team will get right on merging and rolling back asap.


It will be great if everything gets back before archer/cannon nerfing :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Well anyways hoping things go back before pvp starts…although not much expected.