Changes to Tower Attack


Okay, looks like we’re not going to do a livestream because a lot of the designers and devs are out of office and it’d be weird.

Here’s what I’m going to do:

  • I’m going to create a thread on the forum for general tower design discussions.
  • I’m going to create a thread for each tower to discuss some proposed changes.
  • We’ll listen to feedback from players on how they’d like to see things go, but we can’t promise players will get sole ownership of this decision.


:thinking: They left you unsupervised? Party time :tada:

It’ll be interesting to see where things go. Has there been feedback outside of general forum sentiment via support tickets already?


Some, but not a ton I’d consider feedback as opposed to “OMG you broke the towers”.


Yes please that would be awesome - looking forward to contributing!


I’m looking forward for anew thread. And will attempt to be as constructive as possible :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


On paper fires hit a LOT harder than ices. Its interesting that you noted in practice that ices were hitting harder. Seems like that confirms a problem with the fires.


I honestly like the fire damage now bc it makes fire turrets relevant again. It’s like when I was flying in gold tier and it takes half your health on a single shot, now it does the same on your saph+ dragons.


It’s due to its nature as a beam attack, though Fire Turrets are pretty deadly now. Other than freeze-type effects, once the beam is channeling, it’ll continue channeling, and there’s less wind up time between attacks. There’s less mitigation for it (Crystalline Shield or Freeze-type) vs Fire Turret’s auto + long windup (Cloak & related, reflect/projectile destruction, destroy before firing).

Beams matter a bit more when it’s against much higher level towers relative to dragon HP, though.


Yeah those Fire Turrets got my respect again, I better cloak those shots :scream:


This is where I praise Leos resists ! Fire turrets, Flack towers, bring it on !


Everyone needs to be aware that resists do not reduce super shots damage. Therefore it is not a free pass on those towers particularily if defended.


That’s not true for all tower types


Which ones do resists work on Gox?


Lightning for example. Obv ice and storm :joy: no clue about ballista


Missing critical infomration!!1!


I thought lightning supershot also not debuffed with resist. I’ll need to test! :joy:


That’s why lightnings are dead isn’t it!


Necryx easily tanks lightning supershots even without barrier as far as I remember.
A dragon without LT Resist gets instantly fried by those supershots.


Got very quiet. Any update when to expect fix and remediation? @PGJared


Probably after the holidays :slightly_smiling_face: