Changes to Tower Attack


Are you serious??? I have been a hardcore player completing every season since I started playing. And all you bring out this time is More issues and changed the season tab. Same crap dragons just a little stronger. All this money spent so you can make towers not working oh but look we fixed the season tab that wasn’t broken. Great job!!! Congrats. I won’t spend another dime on this crap


Just fix it please, I love this game🤗


The rollback to tower damage has been applied. Things should be back to where they were before the towers were updated.


instead of creating a constructive feedback, you just went with being angry and saying you wont spend a dime.

they have different department that made that UI. Bug fixing team doesn’t do art unless a specific person on that department has talent for it but focuses on bug fixing.


Evidence for which claim? That the towers weren’t gaining in attack power? There was a cap on it, so even if the numbers went up visibly there was no performance change past a certain point.


You’re claiming that level 40 fire turrets and level 60 fire turrets currently do the exact same damage. Can you demonstrate that with a youtube video showing a side-by-side comparison?


so dark flak has been dealing something like 1.78m damage per hit while its hp keeps on increasing.

is it possible to hook something on a test client where we can see the health bar in number form? I think that might let us see the actual damage that you receive per hit.

or if its possible, a logs where we can see a base with only 1 of each bugged tower dealing damage to a Noctua expert. Release the damage per hit while it is recorded on video.


0:10 - Noctua received 1,065,858 damage - HP 30,582,640 > 29,516,782
0:15 - Noctua received 1,065,858 damage - HP 29,516,782 > 28,450,924


I was saying they were doing the same damage before the update was released. The update changed that, but has been reverted.


Ice turret is not on the list of affected towers. Thats why you can feel the difference. Because there IS a difference. It was working as originally intended


I don’t know if you are deflecting or not understanding what I am saying… Your original post claims that level 41+ fire turrets were doing the same damage as level 40 fire turrets in 3.80. You then patched that in 3.90, buffing those fire turrets. At level 55, the damage output was buffed roughly 3.5 times the damage output it had in 3.80. Then you reverted those buffs back to their original 3.80 values. Correct?

It just seems unlikely that no one was noticing the lack of a 66% damage boost, compared to level 40, on their level 55 fire turrets… :disappointed_relieved:


I’m not sure the 3.5x number is correct, but you have the rough idea.


@PGJared I would like to commend you and your team for this. This is obviously a VERY embarrassing bug, and to have gone undetected for so long. I really appreciate the forthcoming way that your announcement just owned the mistake, quickly implemented a temporary fix so that the season kickoff was impacted as little as possible, and have promised to make it right.

I know I’m pretty critical, and to be fair there is plenty to be critical of, but your team could not have handled this any better than they did.



The FireTurretUpgrades.csv shows level 40 at 2,032,790 Attack Power and level 55 at 6,986,304 Attack Power.


There are more factors than just strictly the level of the tower. Don’t forget to consider that even at the same DPS, it is still going to do more total damage as a level 55 because it survives for longer. That will make it SEEM more powerful. Also factor in research and runes - they owner of a level 55 tower is likely to have research and runes that the owner of the level 40 doesn’t have, thus making the actual attack power greater for the 55 than it is for the 40 in spite of the same base level.

I mean seriously, nobody noticed this. Not us, not PG. It must have “felt right” otherwise people would have been up in arms. Actually people have been saying that maxxed out bases are too strong anyway, and that was with their flaks at level 40 power unbeknownst to them.


Also war attacks aren’t showing up. You clear the gauntlet with 5 :fire: but nothing counted for another team mate.


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No difference between a lvl 40 flak and a 60? Dude, Jared, we fly against towers in that range every day and there is and has been a very noticeable difference in the damage they deal.
Im really at a loss for words with all this, what are we going to be told next, 1+1=4?


I’m sorry that Im writing this without reading through the replies, but I have to say there hasn’t been ANY failure on tower damage before release of patch 3.9, at least on dark flak till level 45.

When Archer and cannons were nerfed, I have collected attack of every tower I had to it’s level, calculated the growth multiplier for each tower, plotted against their level. I had lv 45 ice turret, storm, and dark flak at that moment, but they all had the same multiplier, x 830 from lv 1 attack value.

I really doubt if there has been over lv 40 issue in the first place. Now I have dark flak with attack power lower than what I used to have before release of 3.90.

You can look in to spreadsheet in the post below for raw data that I collected.


So…basically people were paying thousands to dollars for nothing?


Ice weren’t affected, just fire and the flax’s i thought