Changes to Tower Attack


My Algor just got spanked AGAIN by a flak tower - two shots and he was just about done.

With all due respect, I don’t think the “fix” worked.


I don’t hink they fixed it yet…


:see_no_evil: Don’t know if that means a new patch or not, though, I guess…


@pgjared said the fix was applied. I don’t think it worked.


Oh I haven’t attacked much tonight… my bad


Slacker. They’re still broken though says 9m damage. Last time I checked 9m is about 1/2 of the 20m health Noc has


It’s true… I slack. But at least the beer is cold!!! :beers:


They got health :sweat_smile:


Not to be another Ass - :)) — But u can tell the difference (big time) between a 50+ Flak, Fire Flak etc… and a 40 Flak. They have definitely increased in Firepower with each level higher. U guys need to double check this.


This is a load of garbage. When fire turrets were introduced, people used to fear the supershot. Then around level 40 or so they just became weak and were the new ballista. Now we know why. With Flak, it seems like the supershot increased, but not the normal attack. But if they say it was capped, it doesn’t matter what my personal experience with those towers was.

I went through my base and calculated that I used around 1407 days (3.86 years) of speedups that essentially just increased tower HP. And I know that plenty of people spent a ton more speedups than that.

So now, looking back at how we spent a little extra to boost the base up so dragons stopped massacring it, we know the problem wasn’t on our end or dragons that were too strong. It was not getting what we paid for by towers that didn’t increase in damage when it said they did. So new tower levels kept getting introduced that pushed us to keep upping our towers. An extra 5 were added to combat Noctua. Now it turns out that bases should have been much stronger.

There have been issues with the game, but IMO this is almost a gamebreaker and the most egregious error to date. If they keep everything “as-is,” I’ve been hornswaggled into leveling towers that only increased HP. And if I’m a newer player, why would I level any of those towers above level 40 if there is no damage increase? And if they put those towers at what they should have been, dragons will be bouncing off bases and you’ll have a ton of angry players that bought top dragons.

This needs to be fixed in a way that is satisfactory to everyone who spent speedups on these towers and it should not be a “we are looking into balancing and we will get back to you” in 4 months.


The wheels turn slowly. It had better not take 4 months but I would rather they put thought into the fix instead of slapping something together willy-nilly.


I can definitely confirm that Jared’s statement is true for at least

  • fire turrets
  • fire flaks

Both didn’t perform good past 40. I made after lv 55 towers came out intense research and tried a lot of different towers and those were just super weak.

In terms of dark flaks I was also wondering whether the damage was capped and health went up.

My alt has a lv 40ish dark flak and it provides nearly the same damage as my lv 56. but of course dies way quicker.


You hit the nail on the head.

They kinda nerfed fire turrets to sell flaks and those were so overpowered that no one saw any differences in higher levels.


Comparing Flak 60 yesterday and today …

To be honest. That’s a HUGE drop in AP


Wrong pics?


Yes. Updated now. Hate the iPhone…


Omg wtf???

Thanks for sharing


that’s my alts flak just from now


About 0.5 M AP for nearly 20 additional levels … that’s a joke @PGJared, isn’t it??


I’m seeing results showing that elemental towers in some cases seem to still be doing much more damage than they used to. Does the base owner need to logon for the rollback to take place or is there any kind of delay before it might take effect?

I’m seeing dragons drop out of the sky left and right on base that previously would have been an easy win. They all seem to be from short exposure to elemental towers causing the death blow.