Changes to Tower Attack


My level 51 dark flak now


Not a single increase in AP… wow
I start missing my >500days timers required to bring him to level 60😦


I think this was the reason why people complained fire turrets sucked at higher levels :smiley:


This was after the roll back.
They had said all towers were same attack power as level 41 for some reason. So I guess the roll back, not only put it back to the level 41, but also changed the text in the info.


Doesn’t change all the time wasted on building them past there. Or the useless changes. All these issues but look at that snazzy season tab for rookies I mean that is cookie cutter. Just change it all back. Dragons that fit the season they are in, the season tab that wasn’t broken but now kicks you out for buying to fast. Or don’t that’s fine too. As myself and the other hundreds of players on our Facebook page have signed the boycott. Change it back plz

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Which finally makes it obvious we upgrade since 41 just for the sake of spending rubies, wood, shards and timers like crazy.
That cry’s for a compensation…


I feel like there’s going to be some compensation handed out :sweat_smile: or should be


Not only compensation for used timers, rubies and $. Also for the complete confusion regarding this matter - so what the … will be the final attack power of those towers, when will it be implemented and how can dragons be called mythics which can barely attack a base with lv. 60s with the lower power - they will drop at the first islands with increased power levels!



So based on the island runes, the dark flack can be even lower power. This is sooo fucked up !

Not only the towers should be buffed, but the dragons too, if PG wants to make it right !


Why are people asking for compensation. They admitted that the towers were not gaining strength (damage) after level 41 and that this happened unintentionally. They fixed it and only to realize those towers were suddenly OP. So they rolled their damage back while they adjust their damage in a more balanced way. It is not a permanent roll back so those that did build them, will not have them wasted. Whats the issue?

Now if they take weeks to actually fix them THEN we have a legitimate complaint. Dont get me wrong i am all for complaining about PG. But in this instance i think they are handling it correctly. (or am i misunderstanding what is happening with these towers?)


I think it should be fine, people make mistakes. They will balance it out soon, when they get the correct amount. For sure they will also add it to the notes


Just the base attack is no difference. The overall can be different depending on research and runes. Plus it will live longer due to higher health, so it will have more time to deal damage at the level 40 rate


Isn’t a tower buff plus a dragon buff = nothing??? Maybe they just leave it alone and give a nice fat apology chest and call it good.


Hmmm, no
The buff will need to depend on the tier the towers were designed to work.
Tower 41 is among garnet tier, So a buff to those towers and up, should give a buff to these tier and up.


those numbers don’t include your runes FYI


actually those numbers in his screen shot do include the runes. see the runes in the upper left?


@MikesGoN2GetU - so how come a level 45 Dark Flack tower has lower attack power than a level 41 Dark Flack ? See my photo and @Warlord photo. Can you explain please ?

  • 1.27M mine and 1.33M his.


yes, but move that tower to an island with no runes… numbers dont change.


research or rider maybe? Good question.

both of mine are at 1.33 (56 and 52)


My alt has neither dark flak runes nor a defense rider on his base perch